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An inspector calls - How well does Sheila's comment explain the action of the play?

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Mahmoodul Shah 3rd January 2002 English Essay Tutor: 10JH Teacher: Mr Robinson "Well he inspected us all right... Between us we drove that girl To commit suicide" How well does Sheila's comment explain the action of the play? This sentence is very important to the story because Sheila realises that the inspector is not a real inspector but he has inspected them and they lost against him and it was them, each member of the family who contributed to Eva Smiths death. We will learn in this essay how each family member is a contributor to the death of an innocent person, Eva Smith and also how the inspector inspects the family using his power not physically but verbally and how he does the inspection. We learnt about how each person from the Birling's family effects Eva Smith even a good person like Gerald and a bad person like Mr Birling so it is necessary to explain how each character acts towards Eva Smith. Combined with this we learn from the story that an inspector with the name of Goole comes to inspect them all. The first person that strikes on Eva Smith is Mr Birling. Mr Birling is a very rich person. He has a prosperous business but is shown to be extremely greedy and very ironic. His extreme greediness concludes to Eva Smith loosing her job, which was the first hit on Eva Smith. Eva Smith is a very hardworking woman who works for Mr Birling in his factory. She is getting very fed up due to the low wage he pays and which she cannot survive on. She and the other ringleaders are planning on to go on strike after there holidays. Eva Smith after the holidays goes and asks Mr Birling for an increase to 26 Shillings a week which he refuses saying, "I could not consider it" and then sacks her is pretty sad and very evil of him to do that. ...read more.


He only shows her a photo, in a corner of the room, and only to her. This could mean that the inspector could be showing any old photo to her. When Sheila looks at the photo she cries out aloud and goes out of the room. We then later learn later in the story that the inspector is told by Sheila and to the whole family that she was in Milwards and got angry of Eva because she was trying on this dress, which her mother never liked. Sheila then thought that Eva was laughing on her and she complained and Sheila was sacked. This then concludes to the next character being closely examined by the inspector. This is Gerald. Gerald is also effected by the death of this girl deeply because he does not know who Eva Smith is. In reality he was not that really bothered about the girl right at the beginning of the story but when the inspector mentions that Eva Smith left Milwards and changed her name to Daisy Renton strikes of Gerald. The inspector is also successful in investigating Gerald because Gerald knows after Sheila realises that the inspector now's everything so there is not much point in hiding anything. However the inspector is still the most predominant in the whole of the play and still uses his techniques of investigation. Inspector: "So first she changed her name to Daisy Renton-" Gerald: "(Startled) What?" Inspector: "I said she changed her name to Daisy Renton." Gerald: "D'you mind if I give myself a drink." Know the inspector leaves the room. We know why he has done this because he knows that Sheila is going to ask Gerald why on earth did he react on the name. She is very curious of Gerald especially that they have got engaged. So the inspector knows what is going to happen, an argument. ...read more.


This is what also happens to Eric. Eric has come back in from outside and soon as he comes in he just says, " You know, don't you? ." He has given up already even before the inspector has spoken. This just tells us the power of the police inspector. Eric then tells how he spent his period with Eva and how he made her pregnant. The only part of the investigation when the inspector is dealing with Eric is when he turns Eric against his mother and they have an argument. Eric: " Yes and you killed her...your own grandchild, damn you, damn you " This is what he said to his mother. We can see that the inspector has turned a mothers child against the mother, which also tells us the power of the inspector. At the end of the play we learn that the inspector is not a real inspector and Mr Birling is trying to cover up the scene with Eric and Eva, and worrying about the press which shows us that he is not effected by the death and is only worried if something could go wrong. Right at the end of the play when the inspector has left they are all left dumb founded because of this speech that the inspector give which is on page 56. We should also raise the point that he mentions a point, which concerns the World War 2. Inspector: " we are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. And I tell you that the time will soon come when, if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish. Good night. " This taught us a lesson because at the end we did not care for other people and that lead to an unfortunate world war this was the same for Eva but the Birlings being so rich nothing could have happened. I have explained everything I can fully to my best. I have explained how the inspector investigates and how the characters are in this play. ...read more.

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