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Analyse and review the use of docudrama in the film let him have it Write as a media critic for a broadsheet

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Analyse and review the use of docudrama in the film "let him have it" Write as a media critic for a broadsheet The case of Derek Bentley which happened in 1953 was one which caused disruption and immorality in the British justice system. The decision that was passed for Derek was one of the most controversial decision which a British court has ever decided on. The director Peter Medak interpretation of "let him have it" is based solely on the events of Bentley's case. The docudrama itself comes across as a compelling and sensitive film and is definitely one in which it moves the audience. It is also very convincing, however the reliability of it is debatable. Derek Bentley was hanged on the 28th January 1953 after being convicted of the murder of PC Sidney Miles. Nevertheless, the reason why his case was so and still is so controversial is the fact that Bentley himself never caused anything physical harm to murder the police officer. The person that fired that fatal blow was Derek's troublesome friend, Christopher Craig, a local youth of Sixteen. The docudrama tells the story of the forlorn, illiterate and vulnerable Bentley who is lead into a life in which he did not wish for. ...read more.


But, seeing as this is how the docudrama perform it, how do we know if this was the truth? If this actually happened? In the scene of the court case in which the trial of the two boys is happening, the accused pleaded not guilty before the judge and jury on the 9th December 1952. However, the judge ruled that both the boys were guilty. It was clear that Craig was undoubtedly guilty, having had eyewitnesses watched him shot PC miles dead. But, Derek's situation was questionable. Derek did not shoot anyone, he did not even take hold of the gun. So why was he ruled guilty? Regardless of this, the home office carried out the sentence and Derek was sent to death by hanging. The Camera angles, lightning and shots used in this scene are very crucial in to which way the audience will sway. High-angle shots are used whilst Derek is being tried. These shots create sympathy and solace towards Derek, by especially pin-pointing his vulnerability because the immensity of the court room is shown which makes us look down on to Derek. Bright and dark light is used in the scene to create a threatening and a almost corrupt feeling to it. As the trial goes on, the courtroom exhibit the weapons that the two used on that night of their crime. ...read more.


It then goes to Derek's family, who at that point are in deep distress and pain. They cling to each other as if to try and create some comfort. A low and depressing music is played as if to represent Derek's dead soul. As the music fades away, the film also comes to an end. The director of the film Peter Madek's use of music, lightning, camera shots and scripture work extremely well together in this docudrama. He keeps the audience enchanted all the way through and in willingness for Derek Bentley. But once Derek's fate is appointed and his hanging is shown, great disbelief and bewilderment. The audience are completely swayed towards Derek's side throughout the film, by eliminating any other evidence which would put Derek in a guilty situation. Docudrama works cleverly for this subject. Its is enthralling, hard-hitting and lets you connect with each of the characters. Ironically though, is it right to twist an audience into believing what could be false information. In this film it is clearly used. The emotional manipulation used on the audience is very strong. But the false and the true facts, I feel, balance each other out in the film. This is a film of tragedy and horror and is portrayed and filmed extremely well. Lizzie Dunn 10B1 ...read more.

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