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Analyse the ways that the director builds suspense and scares the audience in the film 'Jaws

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GCSE English Coursework Media Assignment: "Jaws" "Analyse the ways that the director builds suspense and scares the audience in the film 'Jaws'" Steven Spielberg is one of the most famous and talked about director, winning numerous Oscars, such as "Jurassic Park" and "E.T". "Jaws" set in a quite and laid back seaside town near the west coast of America, hit suddenly when a gigantic great white shark attack a innocent young boy and woman. Following the horrific events town's chief police Brody, marine biologists and grizzled fisherman set out on their quest to destroy the great white shark. Steven Spielberg uses a range of different sound techniques to grab the audience's attention when creating fear and anxiety. The different type of techniques that Spielberg uses is Non-Diegetic. This type of technique is highly effective meaning that, e.g. playing the music that the audience hears when the shark is nearby, but the characters cannot hear it. Also, Spielberg uses the theme tune to grab the audience's attention and builds suspense, which is the key to the film's success. In the opening scene of the film Spielberg uses a woman alone in the sea and a tracking shot showing the world through the eyes of the shark to straight away build tension & fear. ...read more.


They are several close ups of characters, hinting that one of them will be the victims of the shark. The camera zooms in incredibly close to Brody's eyes to an extreme close up view, showing his anxiety and fear knowing something is about to happen. Furthermore, Spielberg uses another close up on an old man swimming making us believe that Jaws is there, but he is not another silly old trick and red herring. Finally, the close up on the boy that was talking to his mum in the attack confirms that he is one of the victim who will be dead. The shark, as you'd expect in a film called 'Jaws' is the most important tool in building tension in several of ways: Firstly, the mechanical shark that was being used broke down on the first day of filming; this meant that Spielberg had to alter his ideas. Because the original plan was to show the shark in the opening scene of the film where the woman was attacked, but due to the unfortunate events he had to show it in the end of the film, which actually made the film more ominous and terrifying to build up the tension. ...read more.


Involving the fact of that Brody's son was in small scene this particular clip was enough to make the audience feel for Brody and his family. So this technique makes us care about Brody and his son so nothing could happen to him. As expected in the beginning Brody is about to go face to face with the shark and this technique is very effective. Making us suspect the worse circumstances that might happen, but the only thing that it creates is tension and up most astonishment also Brody has this phobia about being in the sea so this is also another tool for switching are minds as well, a very good technique to build pressure amongst the audience. Last, but not least, Spielberg's last technique is using lingering shots at the beginning of the film showing us close ups of the oxygen canisters. This is a brilliant to make us reflect on what we saw, because so many times Brody was nearly going to accidently drop them and Quint says, "Be careful they will explode" that already plants a thought in your head, but a very small thought. Moving on at the finale when Brody is left 1-on-1, the camera shows brief clips of the canisters again and when all is lost and nothing Brody can do he realises that the canisters are in the sharp mouth of the shark and "BOOM"!! You have shark flesh flying everywhere. ...read more.

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