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Analyse three pre 1914 love poems and explain which you prefer and why?

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Analyse three pre 1914 love poems and explain which you prefer and why? I am analysing three different poems. Two of which are by the same author, William Shakespeare, they are Shall I compare thee? And let me not. The other poem is written by John Clare and is called First Love. All the poems convey a feeling of love. Shall I compare thee? Is a poem in which Shakespeare compares his lover to a summers day. In this poem he does not mention weather his lover is a man or a woman. Shakespeare says that his lover is "more lovely" and "more temperate" than a summers day. He is saying that a summers day is lovely but his lover is more so. He would prefer to be with his lover than to be in a summers day. He says that summer is "too short" whereas his lover is there all year round. The best parts of summer only last a few weeks but his lover is there all year round so Shakespeare would prefer to be with his lover. Sometimes summer can be too hot and not really pleasant at all. ...read more.


Shakespeare says things may be done to "alter" true love but he says that love cannot be changed. Shakespeare says that love "is an ever fixed marke" because a fixed mark at something does not move and it is the same for true love because love is always there and the coarse of true love is "never shaken". He says a star is also a fixed mark because if someone is lost at sea, they look to the stars to find out where they are. A sailor therefore trusts his love on a star just like someone could put their life on true love because both are fixed marks that do not change. Shakespeare says that "Lov's not times foole" because love can stand through the obstacle of time. Love is eternal and not just because of beauty. He says that love not only conquers time, but also death. Again this poem ends with its too most important lines. He says that if whatever he has said in the poem is wrong, then he has never written and man has never loved. ...read more.


Clare uses illiteration to add emphasis to this contrast by saying things like "blood burnt". Clare goes on to talk about how he did not chose to fall in love like flowers choose the summer because the conditions are better. He questions if love's bed is always made out of snow, but the answer is no because you do not always get the chill of rejection. His "silent voice" is noticed by her which means that she may have noticed him. At the end of the poem he says that his heart has left its "dwelling place" and it cannot return. He is saying that things will never be the same again and that his heart is stolen and will never return. The poem is based on his feelings for her, while her feelings for him are unknown which leaves you to wonder what the outcome will be. Of the three poems my favourite is First love by John Clare. Of the three I think that it is the easiest to follow and the messages that the poet is trying give you are clearer to see. William Shakespeare's poems give messages but the poem makes you want to question weather what he is saying is correct. ...read more.

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