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Anaylse "The Thing"

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"Analyse two examples of print media commenting on the language used and presentational features used". The old cover was published on the video tape of the film. The new cover was published on a DVD. The old covers was published by PolyGram company and the new one was published by Universal Studios. The intended audience for the old cover is people over the age of twelve. I know this because the certificate on the film is twelve. This is in contrast to the old one where the certificate is eighteen. This reflects the advancements of technology, cameras are more powerful and are superior than they were forty years ago and are capable of putting more affects in order to make the film to appear extra horrific. The old movie may not be suitable for over twelve because of it will require a long attention span and this shows that the movie is created for people who have longer attention spans. And the subject that is covered in the film will not be designed for under twelve's and they may loose interest. ...read more.


Old Cover- "A government station near the North Pole detects the crash of an un-identifies object and asks the air force to investigate. Captain Hendry locates a strange spaceship and a mysterious figure is frozen in the ice" This is a fact as it tells the reader what is going to occur in the film. "Howards Hawks superb sic fi thriller" this is an opinion not everyone will think the same. On the new cover, "Horror meister John Carpenter (Halloween Escape from New York) teams Kurt Russels outstanding performance with incredible visuals to build the chilling version of the whole classic thing"~ This is a positive opinion of the film, this again is their to persuade the reader to purchase the film. This opinion also promotes the actor (Kurt Russels) and this in turn will make his fans wanting to watch the film. They use hyperbolic language when describing his acting as "outstanding". John Carpenters name is frequently repeated and his high-quality horror making skills are re-emphasized frequently. "In the winter of 1982 a twelve man research at remote Antarctica research team at a remote Antarctic research Station discovers an alien buries in the snow ...read more.


The new cover has blue and white on it, perhaps this is a connotation for ice and arctic weather as it is freezing in the Antarctic. The title of the film (The Thing) is in very large bold print and it's in upper case letters. The old cover is mainly black and white and the text and title of the film is in red print. Red as colour is very bright and stands out especially when the background is back and white. Perhaps the colour red is a connotation for blood and danger. The alien is portrayed as being colossal compared to them and it's made to look very intimidating and threatening with very razor-sharp lengthy fingernails. For forty years ago the old cover would have almost certainly have been the finest for the time period. The fact that they wouldn't be as much competition as there is now than forty years ago would also help conspicuously. The cover of the new film is very extremely attractive and I would unquestionably be interested viewing it. The old cover perhaps the older generation would like to view. I prefer modern movies but then again this is a matter of personal opinion. ...read more.

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