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Andrew says that his wife had ‘killed him’ years ago

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Andrew says that his wife had 'killed him' years ago. What do you understand by this claim and what is there in the character of Millie to support it ? From this claim, Andrew is saying that the love between him and Millie has eventually over the years grown into a 'bitter hatred'. This is because when he and Millie first married they both had 'two kinds of love', that Andrew believed to not be incompatible. However the love that Andrew required from Millie, she was unable to give him and vice- versa. Therefore as Millie's hate for Andrew grew more insulting over the years, Andrew began to withdraw from her and the world he lived in. ...read more.


comes to visit Andrew, she has, 'tidied herself up' for him, even though she had been cooking. You get the impression that Millie comes across as a rather polite, yet fake person, who likes to gossip behind people's backs. When she is talking to Frank at the beginning of the play, she is talking to him about her saying, 'fond farewells' to the other master's wives. However she then states that she's, 'worked off twelve' and has, 'another seven' to do tomorrow, as if she has no feelings towards the other wives and that its a burden saying goodbye. Millie then says that it is the housemasters' wives that are the 'worst' because, 'they're all so damn patronizing.' ...read more.


Then when the Gilberts, (Andrew's successor of the lower fifth.) come round, Millie once more makes Andrew feel insignificant by saying, 'men have no souls, my husband is just as bad.' In this quote I feel that there is a hidden message of irony, that perhaps Andrew's soul has been destroyed, by Millie herself. Finally near the end of the play, when Frank is telling off Millie for acting in such an 'evil' way towards Andrew about the gift he has received, Frank says that she has 'hurt' Andrew's feelings. However, Millie 'scornfully' replies, 'Andrew hurt? You can't hurt Andrew. He's dead.' Therefore proving that Andrew has been 'killed', although she doesn't realise that its her who's the one that 'killed him'. ...read more.

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