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Animal Farm.

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Animal Farm Essay The novel "Animal Farm" is different from the other books as it is a story that links to real life world events like communism, dictatorship and the people that suffer. The author George Orwell said when asked, "I do not wish to comment on my work; if it does not speak for itself, it is a failure". It tells the story of some animals on a farm driving out their farmer, "Mr Jones". They start a revolution, which begins very well but ends in tragedy because of one hungry power animal, "Napoleon" a Berkshire pig. The leader at the start of the revolution was Snowball; he had listened to old major very well (old Major gave the idea to the animals for a revolution), he died. He believed all the animals were equal and treated them well. Then Napoleon takes puppies from Jessica the dog. He secretly trained to obey his every command. Napoleon orders them to kill Snowball. This allowed Napoleon to take over; it was of terror for the animals, which included killings of innocent animals, slave labour and not enough food. ...read more.


This left animals shocked and scared, they didn't know what was going to happen. At the start of the novel Napoleon isn't a major character it is not until he realises he has the power. He did not participate in "The Battle of the Cow Shed" he hid away with Squealer, this shows he doesn't care as Snowball did about the revolution, it show his a coward he then stole milk and apples to feed the puppies which he has stolen from the mother so he can form his own little army. However when the animals confront his he says, "The milk and apples are for the puppies" everyone believes him and soon forgets. Eventually one day as Snowball was speaking to the animals Napoleon makes a high-pitched noise, which makes the dogs attack Snowball. They chase him out of the farm and he was never seen again. This scares the animals and it's the start of a dictatorship. Napoleon has a secret weapon, Squealer; he is a very talker and poisons the animals mind with lies. ...read more.


Boxer is very upset about this and thought he had killed him. Also in the novel he is very loyal if not the most loyal of all the animals. Whilst in the making of the windmill he put more into it than all the animals, he believed if he worked hard, he would retire one day. However one day whilst Boxer was working on the windmill he suffered an injury, he split his hoof. So he had to rest. Napoleon pretended he was going to send him to the vets, but really he was going to send him to the glue factory where he was going to be killed. The animals only realised this when they were watching Boxer supposedly going to the vets, into the lorry. They realised this when they saw the writing on the side of the van. They tried to tell them this when he was leaving down the drive, but there was nothing they could do. Napoleon using Squealer told the animals it was the lorry that used to belong to the glue factory and had been sold to the vets and hadn't changed the writing. None of the animals believed napoleon and Squealer. ...read more.

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