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Animal farm is a satirical representation of the Russian Revolution, particularly against Stalin's Russia.

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Animal farm is a satirical representation of the Russian Revolution, particularly against Stalin's Russia. Led by the pigs, the animals on Mr Jones Manor Farm revolt against the humans. After their success and rebellions the animals take control of the farm themselves and decide to run the farm on equal egalitarian principles. The aim of animal farm was to create a community of animals that would work together for a common goal, live in harmony with one another and reap the rewards of there labour equally. Over time the seven commandments became the government of the farm they are as follows- 1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. 2. What ever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend 3. ...read more.


and "I will work harder."(P.40) This seemed to work because no animal would refuse to do his or her job because of the fear of their food supply being cut as a penalty. Due to the leadership undertaken in order to run the farm the pigs were given full responsibility as they were the most intelligent animals in the group, so they took control of the planning and government of the farm. The simple animals (not the pigs) continued to believe that all the on the farm shared the freedom, equality and justice, due to the manipulative nature of the dominant pigs. Little by little the napoleon and his pigs began to change the some of the rules to suit what they want. The pigs soon began having the better of food and privileges, which the other animals didn't have. ...read more.


In this simple but effective way, Orwell presents the tragedy and confusion of thought control to the extent that one seems better off simply believing that" Napoleon is always right". Through the changes of equal rights it shows that there is a definite class system that has been established, but the truth is hidden from the lower class by saying that everyone is equal. My opinion of the pigs was that they became so tied up in abusing power for their own self-good that they began to forget really why they were rebelling. It is simple to see their representation in the Russian to the demanding and selfish government leader of the time. Napoleon and the pigs were taking advantage of the agreement whilst disadvantaging the animals that were easily experiencing injustice and inequality. ...read more.

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