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Based on our reading and drama, evaluate and analyse the ways in which Miller creates dramatic tension for his audience: look specifically at his chosen period, the play's setting in Brooklyn, New York and the Carbones' tenement flat. Analyse the tensions

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Based on our reading and drama, evaluate and analyse the ways in which Miller creates dramatic tension for his audience: look specifically at his chosen period, the play's setting in Brooklyn, New York and the Carbones' tenement flat. Analyse the tensions which Miller introduces to the central character dynamics and look closely at the dramatic techniques he uses in the final scene of act 1. How successful do you feel Miller is in creating tension in his play, "A View from the Bridge". In class, recently we have been reading: "A View from the Bridge" by Arthur Miller. We have been exploring his magnificent techniques in being able to show the immense tensions between a family and his excellent ways of using this to grab the audience. After reading "A View From a Bridge", I found it amazing how Miller shows how tense Eddie's world is and how he surrounds the family with this cramped world, creating such immense tension. In my opinion I think that the setting and time is perfect to match the situations and to build up on the dramatic atmosphere. The book was set after World War II, when many immigrants were coming over to find jobs for money to send back home or for money to build a life in the new country. Mass immigration had already started by then as after the war Italians wanted to broaden their career options and so make as best of a living as they could. ...read more.


But yet again a simple conversation had overturned into heavy arguments about Beatrice's cousins staying and how Eddie thinks the neighbour hood is going to get suspicious: "I don't care who sees them goin' in and out as long as you don't see them goin' in and out". Eddie is giving them a lecture about what to do with Marco and Rodolfo but his attitude makes the tension between the characters rise: "This is the United States Government you're playin' with now, this is the immigration Bureau. If you said it you knew it, if you didn't say it you didn't know it": This really shows the tension and worry that Eddie is going through at the moment and he is making sure that they know the risks of what is going to happen. I feel that this shows how caring but still worried Eddie really is. Eddie has his name's reputation to hold up and he doesn't want anything to go wrong with this as his reputation would go downhill. Soon after that the tension of Omerta joins in: "oh it was terrible: he had five brothers and the old father and they grabbed him in the kitchen.....his own father and his brothers. The whole neighbourhood was cryin'": Miller has really shown how the tension of Omerta is affecting everyone; I think that Miller is putting across the consequences of what could happen if the Omerta of sworn secrecy was broken. ...read more.


Marco decides that there is only one option and that is to show Eddie who is boss around there and that if anything happens he'll have Marco to answer to: "Can you lift this chair", "what do you mean?", "from here", "sure why not?" Eddie thinks on himself as a bigger man than Marco and thinks that he can do anything. Miller creates immense tension as everyone is on the edge of their seats wanting to know what happens next, as I was when I reading this part. "It's on an angle, that's why, heh?": Eddie feels cheated and starts to realise that he might get put down from his stool of vain pride. Miller has the brilliant idea of Marco being able to lift the chair and that just rocks my boat of tension. At this point in the story Miller uses another dramatic technique, which is character levels; the characters are all sitting down apart from Eddie and Marco, all the tension is placed on those two characters, from this we can clearly see what the argument is upon and clearly see the circumstances. Marco lifts the chair above Eddie as almost of a threat. We are left with a cliff hanger for the scene, and we are left on the side of our seats. With this I can that Miller has been successful in engaging us to the story through immense tension throughout the scene. Miller uses many of dramatic techniques very well and I can say that at the end of the scene I was fully engages and bursting with excitement for more. ...read more.

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