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Beach description

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A beach during Stormy and Sunny conditions The wind picked up and tall, dark, puffy, cumulonimbus clouds as they gathered ominously on a tempestuous night. Towering over fifty-thousand feet in the sky, the thunder heads poured heavy rain drowning out the sound of the waves hitting the shore. Thin bolts of lightning clashed with each other as pale-yellow flashes ravaged through the sky. The thunder shook the trees as if Zeus and Poseidon were flinging bowling balls at each other. It was fierce, tumultuous and intense. Searching into the deep sea, dozens of ships were floating like lifeless seals. Battered and demolished by the fierce waves, the pack of ships struggled to find the shore of the beach. Looking around there are few families scampering like dogs looking for shelter. A couple of tiny animals scattered randomly around the wide stretched beach. Only a few rough sounds could be heard, the 'whoosh' coming from the turning waves, the strong wind blowing harshly, the croaking crickets that are no-where to be seen and a few loud 'cheeps' coming from black seagulls which occasionally fly by over the sea, sometimes landing, and splashing their legs on the sea for a while but soon disappearing back into the storm. ...read more.


The rain that once poured from the sky like a thousand hooves became a weary runner, ready to give up. The wind that once blew a rapid chilly breeze altered and become a swift, gentle, temperate wind. The waves that once looked like rolling spirals of a tsunami changed into gentle smooth ones. It seemed as if heaven decided to send an angel and bring out the light. The beautiful, glowing sun rises slowly over the beach, bringing a gleaming light to the sand and sea. The glittering, golden ray of heat warms up bodies from the cool coast breeze. Its rainbow colours, shades of red, orange and yellow shine vibrantly into the gentle gust of fresh air which blows around freely. The sky is a perfect shade of blue dusted with a few light clouds. The water is crystal clear, turquoise where it's shallow, royal blue in the deep. Sea turtles bask on the hot sand and more graze on the algae which look tangled as a thick gorse bush. ...read more.


As the day passed on, the little engineer finished constructing his gigantic sand castle and ran off to his parents to show them his proud castle. As the evening came closer, the clouds started to break and the sun glimmered on the water. Families started to gather together and pack their bags. Kids were exhausted and parents worn-out. Some couples decided to stay in their beach chairs and watch the sun sink into the ocean; hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous green flash. As the sun dropped lower and lower into the sea, the sky turned pink and the clouds turned purple. It was as if the world had become an abstract piece of art for a short time. Black seagulls flew in a v-shaped formation through the sun as their shadows lengthened over the sea. The inspirational fire in the sky was almost gone now. It was as if a powerful symphony was quieting down, becoming more emotional and beautiful as it dies down. The sea of darkness emerged from the suns disappearance. Lonely clouds were left in a twilight sky. The heavens were beginning to litter the stars about, for it was their turn to shine. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sujith 10I ...read more.

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