The Beach (description)

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Reece Buckle
IGCSE Descriptive writing

The atmosphere at the beach is almost intoxicating, in all its tranquility. Glistening sun rays, which reflect off the oceans smooth surface, leave the adjacent sand particles cloaked in a layer of red light, like the sand grains themselves are emitting a luxurious aura.

Whilst gazing across the shoreline, I notice a minute scale battle between two seagulls and a long fat chip. The first seagull that plundered the chip was protectively nibbling at it, when the second one soared towards him like a hurricane of feathers, bombarded the chip with his piercing talons, and then rocketed off.

A couple of children have just started to construct miniature sand castles now. They work together and cooperate as a team, where one gathers water in a bucket from the sea, and the other compresses the sand into a polished blue bucket. Their faces radiate pure innocence and happiness whilst working together, except secretly one child will probably be up to no good; plotting on how he or she can demolish the sand castles progression, without being caught.

Join now!

The silky, crisp waves engulf but also help sustain many swimmers and dingy boats floating in the ocean. One rubber dingy boat almost capsizes after recoiling off the beach side, however it narrowly survived afloat. Other swimmers and typical families, consisting of parents and the young kids are having a good time, floating around as well, splashing each over, and hurling rubber balls into the air.

Behind me there is an ongoing game of beach-ball being played out. All 4 adults have taken sides, and are battling it out, showering each side with the airborne beach balls. The dedicated beach ...

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