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Belonging in The Simple Gift and Arthur

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Every person needs a sense of belonging. Belonging is defined as acceptance as a natural member or part. Scientific research has found that man's need to belong is a pre-coded instinct found in the primitive brain or amygdale. Without a sense of belonging a person's well being can be seriously affected. In the book The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick, the main theme is belonging as it follows a boy's journey to find a place where he feels he belongs. In the book Arthur by Amanda Graham, the author shows the feelings displayed by someone when they don't belong and then their feelings when they do belong. E.T. is a movie directed by Steven Spielberg which also has the main theme of belonging. ...read more.


Caitlin describes this feeling after she reads a note Billy had left her, and she says, "I read this and felt something in my stomach, a slight ache, a twinge, and I knew it was hunger but not a hunger for food. And I blushed with the knowledge." She finds her own sense of belonging with Billy, which makes her happier than she has ever been. Billy and Caitlin are brought together by their wishes to belong. Although they are opposites in society, this difference means nothing to them. Arthur is a picture book written by Amanda Graham. In this book Arthur is a dog in a pet store. Arthur desperately wants to belong to a family and not to be stuck in the pet store. ...read more.


He is lonely and scared, and has no idea how he will get home. E.T. meets Elliot and both E.T. and Elliot immediately form a friendship greater than either had felt before. E.T. feels that he doesn't belong on Earth, but Elliot does everything he can to make E.T. feel like he does belong. E.T is very similar to Billy in the Simple Gift as he is in a place where he knows nobody, has no home and wishes to belong. Both Billy and E.T. are lonely until they meet someone they both form a strong connection with. Billy finds Caitlin and with Caitlin he feels he belongs. E.T. finds Elliot and he feels he belongs. In all of these texts, the main characters have been found someone they belong with and a place where they belong. In every case the feeling of belonging has made them happier and made their lives feel more purposeful. ...read more.

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