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Blessing and Islandman coparison

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The two poems I have chosen to compare are Island man and Blessing. Both of these poems include a vast amount of imagery through the use of metaphors and similes. In Island man, the metaphors are used mostly to show the way in which a dream, or memory can be seen within a normal working day. This is proven in line seventeen here the metaphor "crumpled pillow waves" is used. This metaphor can be taken in several different ways making it ambiguous. The metaphor is referring to the pillow, and the shapes left as Island man "heaves himself" out of his bed to go to work, but Grace Nichols use descriptive language to allow for the metaphor to be connected to Island man's dream or memory. The word 'waves' is the main connective word as in this context, it commonly associated as the waves on the sea. ...read more.


The first stanza is about the island and lines such as "fishermen pushing out to sea" gives a positive impression as the fishermen are hopeful of a good catch. This positive image makes me envisage a flat calm day with dolphins springing out of the water and an atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxation. This poem Blessing is about water, or rather the lack of it. It is situated in a hot country, where the supply of water is inadequate. The poet sees water as a gift from a god "The voice of a kindly god". This is one of the connections to religion along with congregation and blessing. When a pipe bursts, the flood which follows is like a miracle, but the "blessing" is ambiguous - it is such accidents which at other times cause the supply to be so little. The opening lines of the poem "The skin cracks like a pod" compare human skin to a seedpod, drying out till it cracks. ...read more.


burst pipe), and the sound of the flow is matched by that of the people who seek it - their tongues are a "roar", like the gushing water. Most tellingly of all, water is likened to "silver" which "crashes to the ground". In India (where Ms. Dharker lives), in Pakistan (from where she comes) and in other Asian countries, it is common for wealthy people to throw silver coins to the ground, for the poor to pick up. The water from the burst pipe is like this - a short-lived "blessing for a few". But there is no regular supply of "silver". And finally, the light from the sun is seen as "liquid" - yet the sun aggravates the problems of drought. The poem is written in unrhymed lines, mostly brief, some of which run on, while others are end-stopped, creating an effect of natural speech. The poet writes lists for the people ("man woman/child") and the vessels they bring (". ..with pots/brass, copper, aluminium,/plastic buckets"). ...read more.

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