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Blessing, English GCSE coursework, creative writing, Short story

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Blessing Have you ever wondered what life is like in rock bottom? I'll tell you; you're walking a tight rope without a circus net, with God trying to push you off every moment. On the border line of death, the sole motivation is a glance of brightness towards the end of the tunnel however there is no opening never mind ending. We're jammed, going nowhere, stuck in eternal darkness. When we're cold, cheerless and crying there's merely family to comfort us. We have families too calm us, my child's 'clothes' are worn to shreds; her clothes are last year's newspapers. Forget minimum wage I'm sick of jobs which I work all my energy for jobs which don't pay gold. ...read more.


This mass murderer is tired of living; it's time to fall today, right now during the present moment. With a sharp stick to my throat, it's now my time to go. I hold my breath the world rotates slowly; I view my whole life, only took a moment. It's time, suddenly BANG! I see gold everywhere; the water pipe has just burst. Water every side of me. A roar of joy everywhere as everyone run's to they're gold. Suddenly life becomes worthy of living. A bucket, hands, newspapers, rags, anything which carries water is used to store this priceless gold. Hours later the atmosphere remains the same joy. I simply stare and admire. To think I could have missed this metamorphosis. ...read more.


We've killed and stole from each other. It's time we take our anger and rage and channel it in the correct direction for the benefit of our next generations. Together no one can stop us from getting whatever we want. Water, food, shelter, we'll be the rebels, hell will unfold. We won't quit till our demands are met. It's time we go public, it's time to protest. I'll end this speech with these final words; it's time we show our denatured fists, reveal our emotions. Show the world we exist. Follow me, share my hope, I shall guide you towards eternal piece in this land of death. If we don't act our children will die sad, following our example." As soon as I spoke these words a strange silence formed. Suddenly one by one people clapped and began following me as I began to lead them towards eternal piece. ...read more.

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