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Blind Date

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Section 2 - Part 1 Good attributes for a picker and a pickee would be a young out-going person with a sense of humour. They would be about twenty to twenty-two years of age and have many active hobbies e.g. Football, tennis, hockey, swimming, cycling etc. They would also have to be fairly intellectual and therefore like reading, writing, theatre etc. Their taste in music should be fairly diverse without including heavy metal music or country unless their character suited those types of music. By having a big (but attainable) ambition that excentuates their 'bubbly' character would be asset. They would be honest with their average worst qualities and not big headed with their best. If asked who would they like to go on a blind date with and why, their answer would be the name of a famous celebrity who most people like at that time. They would have a good dress sense and enjoy other peoples company. The picker/pickee would be well travelled and have an already active social life that would include frequent trips out with friends. Any of these attributes does not have to be present as everyone is different, and extremes of character may go well in some instances. But for a sure-fire picker/pickee, the above is a reasonable starting-point. The ideal couple would have similar interests and get on very well together. They would have to be able to have discussions about a subject without becoming angry or simply agreeing when the other person had a lot to say. Although, if a good "bish-bash" were needed, the pickee and picker's characters would be quite different, although this may work out as many people believe that opposites attract. ...read more.


We decided to hire bikes and take a ride down the coastline, as it was a nice day. We chatted on the way and stopped at a local bar and had some lunch, the day went quickly and I enjoyed myself immensely. Jane: The day before we came home, we both hired bikes and took a quick tour of the sights and sounds of the local coastline. Mike was a pleasure to be with, he looked really good after the first few miles, and had really started to 'glow'. We had fantastic discussions about what we had seen and done, dwelling on the happy memories of the past few days. That day was probably my best. Mike: After the holiday, I think that I would like to follow a relationship with Jane. She made me feel as if I was 'there' and didn't just ignore me. She is a wonderful woman who I most certainly would like to see again. Jane: After the holiday, I don't think that I will be seeing Mike again. He has a great character, but his great mind is let down by his actions. It's a question of would I like to talk to Mike again? Yes. But would I like to see him? Well...that depends on if he can improve, and that I doubt very much. A new comp�re for the show would have to have the same kinds of attributes as Cilla herself. A female host would probably suit the show more, but either male or female would be acceptable. The new host would have to be out-going, friendly, quick-witted etc. ...read more.


Seeing how two people who are complete strangers react to each other in that situation on television fulfils a need to see other people 'go through' the ordeal of chatting up each other and trying to make the outcome good for each of them. Just because two people are together, it doesn't mean that they don't suit other people. Many people who watch Blind Date would probably enjoy walking down a street and deciding they liked a stranger, and have the chance to get on with them on the off chance. As to the rights and wrongs of using 'normal' people on television, my opinion is a balanced one. I believe that if a person is informed properly of all eventualities that could occur and all actions and activities that they will have to take part in and still wants to volunteer, then they should be allowed to take part to the fullest extent. By denying some information about what may be to come, the person may feel let down and taken advantage of when they are forced to do and say things that they did not decide to do. If anything could happen that could affect their life seriously, for example affecting their jobs, friends, and future actions I believe that even if a volunteer is found, they should not be allowed to take part. Making a mess of someone's life may make great television, but it is not the correct thing to do in the long run. The power of the camera can change even normal people. It should be controlled and monitored just like everything else. ...read more.

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