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blood brothers

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In this essay I will be directing the final scene of Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'. I will use all aspects of theatre for example lighting and sound etc, etc. The time this play was written in Liverpool (where it was written) there was a lot of classing going on which in this play is a theme that makes the play what it is. Throughout the whole play the classes are affecting the two brother's relationships in many different ways. This at the time in Liverpool was also happening where there was a lot of class divinisation. To be able to perform this scene effectively I think that we need to make the audience feel the play not just watch it. This will be done through many things such as lighting. These have to come in the right place at the right time otherwise the scene will look unprofessional. I think when the emotion anger is present there should be red lighting however it shouldn't be too dark otherwise the facial expressions will not be able to be seen. ...read more.


As soon as Mickey enters the atmosphere completely changes where Mickey is now the person in the advantage with a gun in his hand. Where they meet I think is a special moment for both however Mickey angry doesn't feel the good side of the confrontation on the audience do. This I think is where two emotions (sadness and anger) are present. Before they talk there should be a long silence where Mickey and Edward just look at each other showing that there is tension growing (the drum beat). Finally, no sound, but a faint red light showing Mickey's anger while the conversation is happening. The conversation between theses two I think is split into 2 bits one where there is sadness the other angry. At the beginning sadness where Mickey talks about his life, then suddenly angry when he confronts Edward about seeing Linda. So here there are mixed emotions which prove effective as the audience don't know what to expect next. End Then when the police and Mrs Johnstone enter this is where the drum beat should begin. ...read more.


he will also be shot by the policemen in the spotlight until he finally dies and falls to the ground as soon as he hits the ground is where the spotlight comes off him and u see the damage caused him and his brother both lying on the floor side by side and a gun in between them and blood flowing out. While the gun battle was happening I would have a smoke machine running so that the damage would look catastrophic. For the next bit I think that any slow music would work well. In my opinion the music wouldn't be effective but the lyrics of the song make all the difference. Slowly as Mrs Johnstone and Company walk around the two bodies singing. End To conclude this essay I have shown my way of getting the audience 'involved' in the play. When I say involved I mean for them to feel not just watch the play and to take it away with them. The lighting, sound would all make the changes and the changes for the better. By Ansar Patel 10.4 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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