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Blood Brothers by Willy Russel - a critical review.

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Blood Brothers - 1 On ......... we went to see 'Blood Brothers' at Bristol Hippodrome. 'Blood Brothers was written by Willy Russel, it has now been around for 15years, and based on the production we saw, I can see no reason why it won't last another 15years. This production could be described as an emotional rollercoaster, the extremely convincing actors, the well written, thought provoking and very refined script are the main reasons for this. This script is as refined as it could possibly be, as after 15years not a word is spoken that is not needed, and there is no movement, accent or piece of scenery that looks or sounds out of place. The story line of this play is very simple, A very poor woman living in a council estate in Liverpool is expecting twins. She already has too many children than she could afford, so she reluctantly agreed to give one twin up to her employer, Mrs Lyons, who lives in a nearby mansion. The two boys, Eddie and Micky are brought up separately, with very different upbringings. ...read more.


Even at the age of seven it is very evident they are from very different classes. Micky, having lived in a council estate in Liverpool for his first seven years, is very much more 'worldly wise' than his twin, Eddie or at least think he is. The body language he uses shows this clearly, as he seems to always be trying to make himself look bigger. As though there is always a risk of him being beaten up, or threatened for sweets by a 'big boy.' This appearance and body language is a result of the council estate where he was brought up, and the other children he has mixed with. Eddie's character is the complete antithesis to Micky's I feel one of the main reasons why this play has been so successful is the audience enjoy watching how the characters relate to eachother, as their very contrasting characters fuse. At the age of seven Eddie has been completely smothered by his parents and is exactly how his parents would want him to be. ...read more.


I think this is a really nice touch, the play has a few little things like that, that make the audience laugh. I particularly like this touch because no words are spoken, it is purely a very childish act, that has been added into the play over the years, as it is not written in the script, it gives the words time to breathe and fills the silence very well. When they are still seven years old, Micky's council house gets changed and the Johnstones move to the countryside. The Lyons also move out to the country but the two families are unaware of how close they are still living to each other. The whole atmosphere is then changed, The house in which Micky's family lives, on one side of the stage remains the same, It just has a new layer of bricks, which are new with no graffiti, looking a lot cleaner. The Lyons house on the opposite side of the stage looks pretty much the same house. There is style at the back of the stage, and the backdrop is sheep and fields rather than a dirty brick wall. Vicki Davies ...read more.

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