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Boise Trip. Its 5:45 we are leaving the house for the max station in 45 min, so get dressed and put all your travel stuff in the hallway

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Boise Idaho XC Trip         P.5 “Eliot wake up” my dad said as he opened the curtains in my room. No bright morning sun peered through them, just deep unforgiving darkness. “I’m awake” I mumbled very convincingly. I took the liberty to roll away from my dad, grab the blankets he took off me, and tried to go back to sleep. “Its 5:45 we are leaving the house for the max station in 45 min, so get dressed and put all your travel stuff in the hallway” and he left my room. Shortly after a bit of mental coaxing I took on of my small pasty white feet out from under the warm covers and placed it on the floor. “Brr” I thought as i reluctantly dragged the rest of my body out of bed. Quickly, I walked to the bathroom, hit the light switch, and turned on the shower. ...read more.


6:45 in the morning and my dad was cleaning! He was making me late. We got out of the house and it felt like my dad was driving like a snail. I expressed my worry of being late but he said we’d be fine. The max was to leave at 7:00am so we had less then 10 min to go to Wells Fargo and get me some spending money and get to the station. While waiting at Wells Fargo i recieved a call from my teammate, Grant,  He said “ Eliot, how far away are you?” I told him “less than two minutes” although i was a bit aprehensive about that answer. Grant responded “Ok well hurry up or else you might miss the max” and hung up. I began to sweat nervously my palms became clamy and hot. I twitched and squirmed for a few seconds until we left wells fargo and headed to sunset transit center. ...read more.


My headphones however could not keep out the whizzing and rumbling sounds of the approaching max. The train pulled forward and it was rather empty but i still did not get a seat. My caoch told me ?its only going to fill up more,? and i quickly began to envy my team mates who had a seat. this hour long train ride was going to take a lot longer. I put my headphones back in my ears. I watched as the early birds on my team were trying to see who could get off and on the train the most every stop. I was losing energy by just watching them; I had almost none to begin with. Finally, after what felt like hours we got off the train and entered the Portland Airport. New smells entered my nostrils some pleasant others not, the army of purple clad people marched on to the ticket counter. Neeway got our tickets and off we marched to the dreaded security. ...read more.

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