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Both John Thomas And Tony Kytes Are Daring Characters Who Try to Manipulate The Women Around Them. Yet In The End Both Are Weaker Than The Women In Each Story.

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Both John Thomas And Tony Kytes Are Daring Characters Who Try to Manipulate The Women Around Them. Yet In The End Both Are Weaker Than The Women In Each Story. Compare The Two Male Characters And Discuss Whether Or Not You Agree With This Statement. John Thomas is the main male character in the story 'Tickets Please.' In 'Tickets Please' John Thomas is an inspector as he is an inspector he has a clear sense of power. John Thomas has much more power than Tony Kytes in 'Tony Kytes The Arched Deceiver. This is seen by the time in which the story is set. The appearance of the men reflects on the time, which the time the story was written. '...Rash young men, a little crippled...' This quote from 'Tickets Please' explains how the men appear. John Thomas is attractive to women for a different reason and that reason is that there are not many men about but only crippled and with hunchbacks. This is because the story is set in wartime. 'Since we are in wartime, the drivers are men unfit for active service: cripples and hunchbacks.' ...read more.


Annie is an important character in 'Tickets Please'. Annie works on the trams as a ticket conductor and John Thomas is her supervisor. Annie is aware of John Thomas reputation as has seen the girl's come and go. However John Thomas still tries to manipulate Annie and they court. 'Like the gallant he was' The word gallant means gentlemanly which is ironic as John Thomas is certainly not gentlemanly as his intentions are not honourable. As Annie is aware of John Thomas's reputation we assume Annie will be different to all the other girls John has dated. Annie also thinks that she herself will be treated differently. However, as we can see from the quote below this is not he case. 'He sheered off' As soon as Annie wanted commitment: John Thomas broke off and abandoned her. Annie is familiar to all the females in Tony Kytes The Arched Deceiver as they are all possessive. 'The possessive female was aroused in Annie. And so he left her. This quote proves that Annie is also possessive like the three females in Tony Kytes The Arched Deceiver. ...read more.


The females in the room have lost control of themselves and others. They have lost their temper just because John will not choose one of them to be his wife. Annie is the ringleader and so everyone is deeply hocked and upset when John regains his control and announces he chooses Annie to marry him. 'I choose Annie' In just three words John Thomas manages to regain control and this is good for him, as the beating has stopped. All the women are upset, as he did not choose them. In contrast Annie is also not happy or joyful but angry. Annie is angry, as she did not want to be picked. 'I don't want him' This shows exactly Annie's Feelings. John only chose Annie as he knew Annie would say no as she would not give him a second chance no matter what. This makes John Thomas seem clever and makes John Thomas the most controlling person in the room and story. In conclusion, even though the two stories are written at different periods the two stories are very similar. Both men in each story both end up in control and dominating the females around them as they both finish victorious. ...read more.

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