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"Breaking Point" Article Letter

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The Big Issue 236-240 Pentonville Road London N1 9JY Dear Sir, I am writing to you to express my views on teenage crime. I believe most people's opinions on young people is clouded by stereotypes made by the media. Reading Leonardo Cito's article "Breaking Point" has given me reason to believe that their eyes might be opened to reality. The first thing from the "Breaking Point" article that I want to comment on is in the sub-heading. "Vandalism isn't always mindless", this obviously implies that some people think that others vandalize because they can and not because they have social problems with family, teachers etc. but there are deeper meanings to vandalism. I strongly agree with this point. Most of the time, adults believe that young people are behind vandalism because they think it's fun. This view on teenagers has been reinforced by the media, with their pictures of destroyed shops and houses, followed by endless security video footage of hooded males executing crimes. I have recently been a victim of second-hand judgment. ...read more.


The second point I would like to mention is how the head teacher quickly disposed of Charles' situation by accusing him of anti-social behavior after Charles had been badly beaten up. I completely agree with how Charles reacted, punching the back of chairs on an empty train carriage rather than assaulting another person. The amount of frustration you have to deal with when being accused of something that you were actually a victim of is extremely overwhelming. This head teacher was obviously taking advantage of his power because he did not deal with the situation properly. He knew if someone were to concern themselves about the authenticity of the head teacher's accusation that people would sooner believe a responsible staff member than an antisocial youth. I am very pleased to know that this injustice has been made public and I am enthusiastically cheering for that head teacher to be, at the very least, stripped of his position at the school. ...read more.


Also, they may be being bullied and cannot turn to their teachers, friends or family which just amplifies their frustration. If they are too scared to face their bullies on their own, then they can only assault inanimate objects to make themselves feel better. We can stop this from happening by making sure there are facilities available for young people to confidentially talk about their concerns and problems at school or home. To lessen the boredom, I would suggest plenty of after-school activities e.g. Sports teams, clubs etc. If possible, the teachers should individually talk to the students and try to convince them to join a club or sports team. They might have unknown talents in a specific area but are too shy to try. I am ecstatic that there are people out there who are deeply concerned about young people and are actually doing something about it. Reading this article has only strengthened my belief that teenagers do not want only chaos and disorder in the world. I am looking forward to reading many more articles, like "Breaking Point", to see how teenage crime is being properly dealt with. Yours faithfully, ...read more.

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