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Change through Events in a Novel

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Naana Ankoma-Mensa Mrs. Valdez ENG-2D1-01 Wednesday December 18, 2007 Change through Events in a Novel In many novels, characters experience first hand the challenges they must go through as the transition from who they portrayed to be in the beginning as opposed to how they change their personalities, actions, and life style in the end. In the novel, The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks, the author uses certain events from the novel to change the characters personalities and ways of life. This is demonstrated through the main characters Julie Barenson who changes from a nice, loving woman to an afraid and unstable woman because she finds out Richard is stalking her and Richard Franklin who changes from nice and an at times jealous person, to a crazy, possessive stalker because Julie doesn't love him. By exploring these two characters, it is evident that change in characters through different events in the novel is depicted through how they change their lives, ways of action and personalities. During the early years of Julie's life, she has many problems and is not stable. Julie's mother is an alcoholic and they live in a trailer. ...read more.


Julie transforms from her regular personality because of what Richard is doing. Not only is Julie's transformation in personality a big difference, but Richard's transformation is even larger than expected. Richard, whose real name is Robert Bonham, is a man from Cleveland and is Julie's boyfriend at the beginning of the novel. Richard, also, has been through a lot in his life just like Julie has. His father and mother were alcoholics, his mother is beat every night from his father and he hates his parents. Richard struggles because his parents die and he goes from house to house in search of a Ankoma-Mensa 3 family. In the beginning of the novel, the author portrays Richard as a caring and at times manipulative man, who has been through many struggles in his life, but unalike Julie, Richard allows his past to resurface in his future. Richard's mothers' struggles get to him and he allows them to interfere with his concept of how he and Julie should live: "If Julie stayed, he knew she would grow weak, just as his mother had grown weak. ...read more.


Great anger wasn't possible without great love...and she'd been so angry" (433) Richard uses his mothers life as a bad example of how he wants to live not knowing that he is causing the women he loves to be like his mother: subject to abuse by a controlling man. Richard changes from how he was at the beginning of the book because Julie does not love him, farther demonstrating the change is characters through events in a novel. Like in many novels, The Guardian uses events in the novel to demonstrate how each character changes their personalities, actions and ways of life. This is demonstrated through Julie's transformation from a nice, loving, stable woman to an afraid, hate-filled, vulnerable woman because Richard is stalking her, and as well, through Richard's transformation from a nice, controlling at times man to a sick, twisted, crazy and controlling man because Julie doesn't love him. Characters in novels either change for better or for worst depending of the events that have taken place. In The Guardian's case, one of the characters transform into a hate-filled ,scornful person, whereas the other transforms into a evil criminal because the events were not positive ,but were negative. ...read more.

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