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Changing towards being unique and different from everyone else can lead to live a more exciting and fulfilling life. This message is shown in the movie Pleasantville, directed by Gary Ross.

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Benefits of Being Unique Change is something everyone experiences all the time in their live, and is defined as: "an act or process through which something becomes different." by the Canadian Oxford High School Dictionary. Changing towards being unique and different from everyone else can lead to live a more exciting and fulfilling life. This message is shown in the movie "Pleasantville", directed by Gary Ross. It is the story of two teenagers who accidentally enters the world of television, and starts to change a TV show. The two start to influence their world by teaching them about new knowledge and thing. As they are exposed to new knowledge, they begin to experience changes. By becoming unique, the characters in Pleasantville were introduced to more choice. The message that was talked about in the Literature changed some characters more than others. Betty, the mom of Bud, was one of the many people who were influenced by this change the most. The citizens of Pleasantville were also open to attempt new joys in life, and were free to express their own opinions, and thoughts, and to just be themselves. ...read more.


As a result of being unique, they are open to more choices, which ultimately results in a more fulfilling life. The individuality of people can lead them to pursue or try out new things in life. When attempt new things in life, they often find that they enjoy it. By discovering new joys, they can often lead a more accomplishing life. When they are trying to fit in with everyone else, they might be too afraid to try out new things, which they may want to do, but when one chooses to become different and to stand out from the crowd, they are free to seek out new activities in life, that they might have been too afraid to do before. In the movie Pleasantville, the characters changing into becoming unique from everyone else, is shown by the change of their color. The dull characteristic of the characters is symbolized by the dull colors of black and white which they had before, but when they become unique, they change into a variety of vibrant colors which symbolizes the exciting lives they are now able to live. ...read more.


She was given the freedom of choice, when Bill told her to have dinner ready every night, like she always does and she responded by saying: "no, I'm not sweety." She also started to appreciate the vibrant colors that she has turned into. It was shown when Bill told her to put some make up over the colors to make it go away and she yelled: "I don't want it to go away!" Bill in the movie later admitted that she indeed looks better with color, which is what lead him to also embrace the change. In the movie Pleasantville, Betty showed us that changing to becoming individual, can result in a more exciting and fulfilling lives, by breaking our boring daily routines. Change towards being different and unique can ultimately lead to a more accomplishing and exciting life. Being different from everyone else can help us attempt new things in life, which they might like. This gives them new joys in life. Also, by being unique we are given the freedom to make our own choices in life. In the movie Pleasantville, Betty was changed drastically, and is a prime example of how being individual can benefit our lives. Only be being unique, can one fully experience the joys in life. ...read more.

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