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Character Essay of All MY Sons

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In this essay I will be writing a character analysis of the three members of the Keller family- Joe Keller, Chris Keller and Kate Keller. I will explore their different characteristics. I will be assessing each characters emotions, beliefs, and reactions to different situations. Joe Keller Middle aged and prosperous. He is a family man, who adores his beloved wife, and wants the best for Chris, his only son sadly his other son had been a victim in the war. Joe loves Kate and feels in order to protect her he has to lie to her, to prevent her from feeling hurt and alone. When the tree planted in the Keller garden as a memorial for Larry, breaks Joe is concerned and worried how Kate will react; "we ought to tell her before she see's it."(pg 12) Also when Chris announces to his dad about wanting to marry Ann he listens sympathetically to his plans, yet he warns Chris to hold back because of mother's feelings; "From mothers point of view.. You have no right to take Larry's girl" (pg 14) However he's not just protecting mother but he's also protecting Chris, because he doesn't want him to get upset if Kate doesn't agree, and give them her blessing. He cares about Chris a great deal, and Joe and Chris have a great father and son relationship. Through-out the book there is a lot of emotional caring, for example; "the whole shooting match is for you"(pg 16) ...read more.


Joe and Kate wouldn't agree, and they would see Chris's proposal as a sign of betrayal towards Larry. Chris is dissatisfied with life. Kate honestly, deep in her heart still believes Larry is alive, and thinks he will return one day in result of this she will not let the family get on, and continue with their lives; "..we never took up our lives again. We're like at a railroad station waitin' for a train that never comes in." (pg 19) Chris is disillusioned he feels due to his experiences in the war (his men's heroism in battle, and their loyalty towards each other) that people's attitudes towards life, and to a more peaceful caring world should have changed dramatically: "it came out of love a man can have for a man" (pg 34). He believes people should have learned to care for each other more than material things: "I felt.. what you said ..somehow ashamed, because nobody was changed at all it seems to make suckers out of a lot of guys" (pg 34) Also: "it felt wrong to be alive, to open a bank-book, to drive a new car, to see the new refrigerator. I mean you can take those things out of a war, but when you drive that car you've got to know that.."(pg 34) This links in with Chris feeling ashamed of the materialism he see's around him, even the money from his father's business. ...read more.


She has asked Frank to help her look into Larry's horoscope hoping she'd find an answer to weather he still alive, or where he is? (Frank to Joe:) "well she wants to find out if November 25th was his favourable day?"(pg 6) Also she thinks it's a coincidence that: "This month is his birthday, his tree blows down, Annie comes"(pg 17) To believe Larry is dead would (for her) be to believe that his death was a punishment for Joe's crime ( an intolerable thought), so she must persuade herself that Larry is still alive. If not in her eyes it would be like God was punishing her for Joe's crime by taking her son Larry away. Finally she secretly knows in her mind, that Joe was responsible for the faulty cracked cylinder heads. At the end of act one, she tries to warn Joe that George might be out to make trouble "be smart Joe.." (pg 38). She uses the phrase "he was exonerated" (pg 28) rather than 'he was innocent' By using the word exonerated she is basically saying, the courts believes he was innocent, this implies that she is unsure herself that he is innocent. Again she say's "you above all, have got to believe.." (pg 21) suggesting her husband must believe Larry is alive or else he will have to face up to that fact that he is guilty of killing 21 pilots. She warns Joe "I want you to stop that Joe, the whole jail business" (pg 21) suggests irony and that she vaguely feels guilty for his actions. Rebecca Jones ...read more.

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