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Character Study : Harry Hobson

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Character Study : Harry Hobson Harold Brighouse Although a prolific and popular playwright and novelist during his lifetime, the reputation of Harold Brighouse today rests almost entirely on his play Hobson's Choice. Born in Eccles near Salford on 26 July 1882, his mother was a teacher and his father was in the cotton business. Despite gaining a scholarship to Manchester Grammar School, Harold was not a keen student; at seventeen he left school to start work in the textile industry. ...read more.


He is the most hypocritical man in 'Hobson's Choice'; this is proven by the change in his tone and body language when Ms Hepworth, a high classed customer, enters his shop. When Hobson greets Ms. Hepworth he immediately rushes to pull up a chair for her to sit on. Ms Hepworth questions Henry Hobson about who made her shoes, which she had recently purchased in this shop. Hobson does not give her a straight answer so Ms. Hepworth uses a different, more violent approach to receive an answer. ...read more.


Ms. Hepworth then asked who Willie was, when Henry Hobson rushed to answering by saying that he "is capable of making the man suffer for it". We get the image that Hobson is nothing but a two-faced man full of hypocrisy. Henry is a very social person, as he is always willing to go to the pub and to meet up and drink with anybody. At the start we are told that the previous night he were to have drunk with the Masons'. When Henry found out about Maggie's rash decision in marrying Willie Mossop, Henry's world-class boot maker, he immediately turned on him unbuckling and concealing his belt. Faiz Juneja Character Study Harry Hobson ...read more.

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