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Compare and contrast of The Red Room by H.G.Wells and Farthing House By Susan Hill, whilst considering how each of the stories lend themselves to the Ghost genre.

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English Coursework Essay for Prose Study We read a number of short stories that can be described as ghost stories. All the stories include things that you would expect to find in the ghost genre, for example, they have supernatural bits in them and the writers use language to create atmosphere and build up tension. ...read more.


Before beginning to read the stories, it is interesting to look at their titles. The Red Room is an interesting title and makes us wonder about the room. Red is makes us think of danger and blood and evil. The title Farthing House, suggests that this story is set in a large old, manor house. ...read more.


In the hallway are many antiques. Like the Red Room, Farthing House is a building that has a past The atmosphere is eerie in the Red Room 'The long, draughty, subterranean passage was chilly and dusty' it is a cold, dark, unhomely place 'The echoes ran up and down the spiral staircase, and a shadow came sweeping up after me.' It is spooky. Although all of these stories are ghost stories, each story is a different ghost story. . characters find themselves in haunted rooms but they act differently. ...read more.

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