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Compare and Contrast Romeo and Nurse's Attitudes towards Love.

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Adam Lemmon E2 23/1/03 Coursework: Compare and Contrast Romeo and Nurse's Attitudes towards Love The play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a tragic story of two lovers who die for their love of each other. The prologue introduces the play and gives the audience an insight into the tragedy which will unfold before their eyes. This then heightens the emotion for the audience as they know that Romeo and Juliet will die and they see the love shown throughout the play more clearly because of this. Romeo is very passionate about love and feels that loving somebody is a very important thing and so when he thinks he is in love he makes a big deal about it. He proves his love to somebody by showing unhappiness. When in love Romeo is very subdued and depressed. "Under love's heavy burden do I sink." This is shown in Act 1 Scene 4 when Romeo speaks of his love to Rosaline and how he is unhappy in love. ...read more.


"So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows." Romeo refers to Juliet as being a white dove who is among black crows. This shows us that although Romeo thinks he is wise on the subject of love his inexperience and immaturity shines through because he is always falling in and out of love. When Romeo meets Juliet for the first time the first fourteen lines which they exchange are written in sonnet form. This adds to Romeo's view on love as being very important as sonnets are usually written about love and the use of the sonnet shows that Romeo is in love. Nurse is the first person of the Capulet family who knows of the love between Romeo and Juliet and that they have got married and she keeps this a secret as is Juliet's what Juliet wanted. She also agrees with Juliet when Juliet has been arranged to marry Paris. Juliet does not want to marry Paris and she tells Nurse this. ...read more.


Nurse's attitude to love also changes dramatically here. From being very supportive to Juliet and making rude jokes about love she betrays Juliet and says that she should marry Paris because Romeo has committed a terrible crime. In conclusion I think that Romeo and Nurse have very different attitudes to love at the beginning of the play. Romeo is very passionate about love but is too young to actually know what real love is and he only thinks he is in love. This is shown by his use of oxymoron's and odd behaviour. Nurse is very sexually based and her sexual innuendos show this. Towards the end of the play both of their attitudes have changed dramatically. Romeo seems to have matured and his attitude to love has changed because he now knows what true love is because he actually does love Juliet. His use of extreme language helps us to understand his attitude to his love to Juliet. The Nurse now is less sexually based and she has grown apart from Juliet. She betrays Juliet and this shows us that her attitude towards love has changed. ...read more.

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