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Compare and contrast the 1963 and 1990 version of 'Lord of the Flies.' Which is the most helpful for students of the text?

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Compare and contrast the 1963 and 1990 version of 'Lord of the Flies.' Which is the most helpful for students of the text? I am writing an essay on the comparison of the two films. Which were the black and white written by Peter Brooks in 1963 and the Technicolor version written by Harry Hook in 1990. In my essay I will also examine which of the two versions were in the spirit of Golding's novel and which was more useful to students of the text. I will also explore media techniques and how the main themes and the characters are portrayed. The black and white version was most in the spirit of Golding's novel. This film was made by Peter Brooks, whom had a cast of British schoolboys taken to Vieques, a Caribbean island. After three months Peter got the boys to act out the novel, which actually had little direction from Peter Brooks. In the plot events they were meant to have missed a ship, but instead they missed a plane, when Jack let the fire go out, however most events were kept true to the novel. ...read more.


Harry Hook, who made the film in America, made the colour version. It included characters that are not in the original novel. In the plot events Jack paints his face with pig's blood instead of mud. Ralph and Piggy found instruments on the scar. They miss a helicopter instead of a ship; the bigguns bury the littluns in the sand, instead of throwing stones at them. They also included scenes of Ralph fishing and another scene were Piggy comes up with the idea of building a raft, which isn't in the novel. They don't have any initial meeting because they already know each other, and another big event in the film was when the boys rescued a grown-up off the plane. The characters are a little different, as Roger has ginger hair. There is a new character called Peter. They also left out the character with the birthmark on his face, and they are all sea cadets. The music in the colour version is used constantly to influence the scenes events and character personalities. ...read more.


Ralph is generally kept like the book in the films. However the two film versions did have many different aspects. Like in the colour version the boys already know each other and are part of the sea cadets, but in the black and white version they don't know each other, except for half do because they belong to a the choir. Everyone in Hook's version knows piggy, but in Brooks version they don't. The colour version is least like he novel. They also use a lot of swearing for the colour version. My conclusion for the comparison of the two film versions is that out of the two films Peter Brooks black and white version of the story is most useful to students of the text. This is because this version is most like the novel, where as the Technicolor had so much added information to the parts of the story, it sort of side tracked away from the original story. Which would make the novel harder to understand. However the Technicolor was quite useful because it is a modern day interpretation of the book. By Guneeta Bagga ...read more.

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