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Compare and Contrast the friendship between Anita and Meena in Anita and Me and the friendship between Piggy and Ralph in Lord of the Flies.

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Compare and Contrast the friendship between Anita and Meena in Anita and Me and the friendship between Piggy and Ralph in Lord of the Flies In both Anita and Me and Lord of the Flies, the characters have very much the same type of friendship. The two people in the friendship are not on the same level when they are together. For example, in Anita and Me, Meena is never seen as more superior to Anita and Piggy is never seen as superior to Ralph. Despite this fact, the reader can obviously tell that both Meena and Piggy are more intellectually superior to Anita and Ralph. These two friendships in both books undergo changes as incidents occur such as the forming of Jack's tribe in Lord of the Flies and when Anita's other friends abandon her. These changes really force both Anita and Ralph, the more superior of the two friendships to rely heavily on the inferior of the friendships, Piggy and Meena for emotional support. If these parts of the two books were looked at in detail, the reader would see that both Ralph and Anita usually feel as if they cannot continue and Meena and Piggy are usually the people who help them through their difficult times and provide support. At the beginning of Anita and Me, Anita is portrayed as quite an attractive young girl and one with the power to have control over people, 'Anita was the undisputed 'cock' of our yard...her foghorn voice, foul mouth ... ...read more.


She expects Meena to follow and what I find surprising is that Meena seems to think that this is fine and she feels happy to follow her a few paces behind. Meena feels privileged to be in Anita's company. Anita realises this and uses it to her advantage. Anita has got used to realising that she is normally the leader of a group and that she has the ability to exert a lot of power. Ralph also assumes that he is superior when he meets Piggy. When Piggy asks what Ralph's name is, Ralph does not return the gesture: 'The fat boy waited to be asked his name in turn buy this proffer of acquaintance was not made' Here Ralph is portrayed as quite arrogant. We can see that Ralph obviously feels in some way superior to this fat boy and therefore he feels that he is not the same level as him. Throughout the book, Ralph has a certain amount of superiority over Piggy and uses it often. When Jack, Simon and Ralph explore the island for the first time and Piggy asks to come, Ralph embaraces him by refusing to let him come. The same is done in Anita and Me, as Anita is throughout the book more superior to Meena. Both Meena and Piggy do not belong to the groups that are formed in the books. ...read more.


The same happens in Lord of the Flies. After Piggy has died, Ralph realises what a great friend Piggy really was to him and how much he needs him when Jack's tribe turn against him: 'And in the middle of them, with filthy body, unwiped nose, Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy. Here we can see that Ralph's image of a strong, powerful young man is lost and we see him as a young na�ve boy in contrast to Piggy who is described as 'wise'. Before, Piggy was portrayed as a fat, asthmatic boy who was inferior to Ralph but now we see that Piggy is superior to Ralph. Ralph realises this and feels bad in the way he treated Piggy. Towards the end of both books, the characters who were portrayed as superior: Anita and Ralph find it hard to cope when Meena and Piggy leave them. In Anita and Me, when Meena breaks the friendship between herself and Anita, Anita begins to find that she is jealous of Meena and sends her threatening notes. Similarly in Lord of the Flies, when Piggy dies, Ralph finds it hard to cope. He is left all alone and is abandoned by his so-called friends who he preferred to Piggy in the beginning. In both cases we find how much Ralph and Anita depended on Piggy and Meena to make them feel superior. While in actual fact, Meena and Piggy were the superior ones. ...read more.

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