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Compare and contrast the soldier and futility

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'The Soldier' and 'Futility' are two poems which discuss war. Both poems were written during the war by Englishmen. Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brooke died in different stages of the war as a result of it. Both poems discuss death and hate in several ways. The two say that there is a lot of hate in war but they each see death for your country from a different perspective. In 'Futility' Wilfred Owen says that war is a terrible thing because there are so many casualties. He also says that the cause of war is usually petty and that people dying for their country is awful. As well as this he says that it is better to live than die doing your duty. Wilfred Owen has a different view towards war because he lived through most of it. ...read more.


The women thought that a man wasn't 'attractive' or 'whole' unless he wore a soldier's uniform. This made the men feel terrible and that they would never find a partner unless they sign up. They were also persuaded by the government. They would sack people so that they had no choice but to join. The government also put propaganda posters up with children asking their father 'What did you do during the great war?' Many people gave into this; they paid the consequences by being killed. 'The Soldier' speaks of the positive things about war such as dying with friends or doing what they were born to do. It also says that this is an idyllic world and that they should always take the chance to fight for their King/Queen and country when it is given. The poem is a very patriotic one as it repeats English and England many times. ...read more.


The sun has an immense amount of significance in the poems because it is the complete opposite to what the poems discuss. The sun has life-giving powers whereas both poems talk about death. Only 'Futility' has personifications. These include 'Think how it wakes the seeds.' This shows us how the sun has life-giving powers. Another example is 'Gently its touch awoke him once' which also talks about the sun. These two give the sun attributes which it hasn't got. 'The Soldier' talks about himself and how he would always be English even if he was buried in a foreign country. This is shown by the lines 'If I should die think only this of me; that there's some corner of a foreign field, that is forever England'. This also shows that he is thankful for being English and he would put his life on the line for his country. Homework 12TH of February 2007 Page 1 ...read more.

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