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Compare and Contrast 'The Withered Arm' By Thomas Hardy with 'Indian Camp' By Ernest Hemingway

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Compare and Contrast 'The Withered Arm' By Thomas Hardy with 'Indian Camp' By Ernest Hemingway In this essay I am comparing and contrasting two stories: 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardy and 'Indian Camp' by Ernest Hemingway. I shall be concentrating primarily on the structure and language of both novels. 'The Withered Arm' was written in 1888, whereas 'Indian Camp' is post twentieth century, written in 1946. Both tales are based around a central idea - that of the circle of life. 'Indian Camp' opens directly into the action. The main characters are already busy and the reader has to deduce what has occurred and what is going to happen. "There was another rowboat". This quote is informing the reader that there are two boats. Hemingway wrote 'another' so the reader would realise that it was the second boat. It is informative in simple, short sentences and straight to the point whereas, in the beginning of 'The Withered Arm' is more descriptive in setting the scene. We know immediately that Hardy's writing style is very descriptive and focuses on country life and the countryside. This differs from Hemingway who has short, non-descriptive sentences. Hemingway uses simpler, more modern language than Hardy, for example "Rowboat". This is because Hemingway wrote his novel in 1946 and Hardy's was written in 1888. ...read more.


It is reasonably hard to follow and is a very descriptive style. Hemingway's writing style is clear and easy to follow and is quite the opposite of Hardy's. Hemingway uses modern language, which makes it easier to follow and understand. Hardy uses more descriptive writing than direct speech in 'The Withered Arm'. However, in 'Indian Camp', Hemingway uses direct speech to tell the reader most of the key points. Only the main characters in 'Indian Camp' speak, these are Nick and his father. Hemingway has used simple speech in 'Indian Camp' and Nick has very childlike speech, which reflects his age. Example "Oh, Daddy, can't you give her something to make her stop screaming?" The direct speech in 'Indian Camp' is written with Nick asking numerous questions which his father answers. In 'The Withered Arm', Hardy's direct speech is very realistic. Gertrude, who is middle class, uses Standard English, which indicates she was educated, "it is nothing serious, but I can not make it out". This quote clearly shows her education, compared to the local natives who used a Wessex accent and dialogue. "A was born before our Great Weir was built..." People in 'Indian Camp' speak in Standard English as well. In 'The Withered Arm' people have accents, in direct contrast to from 'Indian Camp', where there is no sense of accents or dialects. ...read more.


Jealousy is a theme used at the beginning, when Rhoda is so jealous of Gertrude that she becomes obsessed and starts dreaming about her. Hatred is also another theme that is used to show how much Rhoda really loathed Gertrude for taking her place. The supernatural theme is used in the horrific moments, so you are lead to believe that anything that happens without a reason is caused by the supernatural. Class distinctions are used throughout the novel and you can tell who is from which background and who has been educated. As discussed thoroughly throughout this comparative essay, the two texts show many contrasts as well as similarities. The main contrasts are that Hardy is much more descriptive than Hemingway is and Hardy's novel has many characters and Hemingway's only has a few. Hemingway is much more to the point and has easy, clear, short words. This differs to Hardy, who uses long descriptive sentences and has lots of old fashioned language, that is more difficult to understand. The main similarities are that they are both said to be short stories. They are both based around a parent and a boy, and the boy is the key person in the plot. Both novels end with a death and both novels end on a low point of tension, with tranquillity. In my opinion, 'The Withered Arm' was more interesting because it had much more description, and so it held the reader's attention. ruithgunijjnijnjhun kj Carly Ridout ...read more.

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