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Compare how "Strange fruit" and "Not my business" portray violent acts

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Compare how "Strange fruit" and "Not my business" portray violent acts: Poetry is a form of art and it can rhyme or be used to express one's feelings. The two poems I will be focusing on are 'Strange fruit' and 'Not my business'. 'Strange Fruit' was written in 1930 by a poet called Lewis Allen. The poet of 'Strange Fruit was a Jewish teacher who was from New York. In contrast the poet of 'Not my business' however was by a man called Niyi Osundare who was a Nigerian man but on the other hand his mother tongue was English. Both these poems have a purpose behind them and their purpose is to give equal rights to everyone because of al the racism, sexism, homosexuals etc... The poets want to inform the world of what is happening around us that we do not realise about! In this essay I will compare how 'Strange Fruit' and 'Not my business' portray violent acts. "Strange fruit" and "Not my business" are both similar in the way that they both talk about suffering which people receive in both different parts of the world. ...read more.


helps us to be calm; but then suddenly it describes and the mood changes with describing of the smell of the vile flesh. This is called juxtaposition. Here the poet first plants refreshing thoughts in our mind then unexpectedly changes the thoughts; this shock tactics are used in this poem which will help the reader to feel more sympathy and also this will help the reader take more notice and for the lines to stick in people's mind but also to show us that these were the actual images of the Southern states of America before it was polluted with Black bodies hanging form the trees. This has an intemperate effect on you to see the effects of these events. But also here it is being shown that from this beautiful scene and how suddenly these bodies have changed the scene unexpectedly. These are some of the ways that Lewis Allen portrays violence. "Not my business" also uses its language to be able to portray violence. In this poem rhetorical questions are used to portray violence. "What business of mine is it as long as they don't take the yam from my savoring mouth?" ...read more.


In conclusion the two poems: "Strange fruit" and "Not my business" both portray violence in these five ways I have explained throughout my essay. The morale of the poem was to inform people to open their eyes to their surroundings and stand up for others rights but also that through the poems help could be given to victims. I believe that the most important way violence was portrayed in these poems were through the language that was used in the poems. This was because they were easy to understand but helped us to be involved by creating the images of what was happening in our own special way. On one hand both poems were identical in the way they portrayed violence through emotive language and words which stuck in the readers mind so they would have empathy. But on the other hand they portrayed violence in two different ways by the structure of the poems. "Strange fruit" uses rhyme at the end of lines to help words stay in the readers mind like 'mouth and south' but "Not my business uses a sudden change in the layout of the poem to show change and differ in the poem which leads to violence. In this essay if explained how both poems portrayed violence and their similarities and differences. ...read more.

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