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Compare the attitudes towards love in at least five poems from the selection studied.

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Compare the attitudes towards love in at least five poems from the selection studied. Over hundreds of years, the views of poets have varied. There has always been the desire for physical love, but also there has always been the traditional idea of purity. Nowadays though there are fewer 'everlasting loving' poems and more 'Carpe Diem' based. This is a sign of a change in the world and the lifestyles of people. In 'Dover Beach' Matthew Arnold portrays the fact that their love may not last forever using the world, and how it holds a dim future: "Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light" Arnold is trying to put across to his reader that if they do not take their chances now they shall have little chance in the future. ...read more.


He uses age and also hints that when they are young like they are they can have more vigorous, passionate sex. Also in 'To his coy mistress', the persona says about that if they wait her looks will have faded and he will probably not love her anymore. 'To his coy mistress' and 'Dover Beach' are both examples of 'Carpe Diem' poetry 'seize the day'. These poems are about giving in and following more physical urges that they have. In contrast the other types of poems were metaphysical, deciding with issues like true love, God and eternity. The poems that fit into this category are 'Sonnet 116', 'Loves Philosophy' and the 'Good-morrow'. ...read more.


The other two poems 'The good-morrow' and 'Loves Philosophy' are fairly similar. They both portray love to be a passionate, affectionate embrace that will last forever as long as you work at it: "The winds of heaven mix forever With a sweet emotion" This, from 'Loves Philosophy' is a peaceful and romantic phrase that outlines the everlasting, passionate love. Perhaps the best line in 'The Good-morrow': "If our two loves be one, or thou and I Love so alike that none can slacken, none can die" This is a beautiful and warming idea. It is perfectly outlining the everlasting love theory and is very persuasive. Both types of poems are effective in there own ways. The 'Carpe Diem' ones are very persuasive and to-the-point. Whereas in the everlasting love based poems it is very heart warming and beautifully written. ...read more.

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