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Compare the different impressions of London that are created in Wordsworth's 'Composed upon Westminister Bridge' and Blakes 'L

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Compare the different impressions of London that are created in Wordsworth's 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' and Blake's 'London' At first glance, the poems seem very similar, as they are both about London However, a closer exploration reveals that both poems are very different and have complete opposite views. William Blake's poem is about the dark side of London. Whereas William Wordsworth describes London in a positive way. Blake's poem is set out in the night while Wordsworth's poem is set out in the morning. Just by looking at this fact we can already see that both poems are from a different prospective. Both poems show us an image of London but completely different ones. Blake talks about the people that are poisoned in their own mind, "The mind-forged manacles I hear". It's like the people are imprisoned in their own mind and they are sad and in their own world. He talks about the sorrow and distress, and the government which he hates. In the third stanza he says, "And the hapless soldier's sigh runs in blood down palace-walls". ...read more.


"Dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty:" This quote proves to us that William Wordsworth loves the scenery in London and he is touched when he drives by the majesty's house its like it's the most beautiful scenery he has ever seen whereas Blake seems to talk a lot more about people, death, and history. Although Wordsworth doesn't really take the people of London into account. This is a big difference in both poems as it changes the whole image of both poems. The poem seems to paint this vivid picture in our minds but the main difference seems to be that Wordsworth paints a happy picture whereas Blake paints a horrible picture. Wordsworth seems to also use a lot of imagery in the poem. For example "This City now doth, like a garment, wear the beauty of the morning;" This simile describes the city wearing the softest and stunning looking clothes which simply slide over your skin and make you feel good and comfortable. That's how he sees the city. ...read more.


London has four lines in each stanza and 4 different stanzas with an ABAB rhyme scheme this gives a regular rhyme and rhythm. It's almost like a dull song theirs no excitement. The poem gives us an image of the writer walking slowly through the streets of London and everything is the same. However 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' is 14 lines long and a sonnet. The first 8 lines has an abb rhyme scheme and the last 6 lines has an abab rhyme scheme. This shows Wordsworth in the first eight lines is taking in the scenery so he stops and start. In the last 6 lines Wordsworth describes his surprise and excitement at such beauty so the rhythm is faster. Sonnets were used for love poems in those day so this suggests that Wordsworths poem is a love poem for London. Basically I feel Blake's poem was more about the dull, cruel and horrifying side to London Whereas Wordsworths poem was about the nature of London, the places which make London what it is. I found that both poems are biased they only seem to talk about one side of London at a particular time, so it's only their point of view. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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