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Compare the ways in which male and female characters are played in Hardy's short stories.

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Compare the ways in which male and female characters are played in Hardy's short stories Thomas hardy was born in 1840's, in a village near Dorchester where women in most places are seen as weak and venerable, like in the short story 'Old Mrs Chundle', where Mrs Chundle always troubles the new curate. It is not until after the World War 1 when woman did most jobs what men can, for example war factories to make tanks and guns for the war, women not only did the dangerous work they also took a lot of responsibility taking after the family during the war, and that is when they gained their rights to be equal with men after the world war. Although Thomas Hardy's short story seems sexist, he isn't, it was just how things were in 1840's, and the life style was very different from what it is now. 'The withered arm' often mentions the beauty of Gertrude, describing Gertrude in all sorts of attractive ways like "Beside him sat a women, many years his junior-almost, indeed, a girl. Her face too was fresh in colour, but it was of a totally different quality-soft and evanescent, like the light under a heap of rose-petals." And there were not a lot of description of Farmer lodge, but the story shows that "Farmer Lodge" has abandoned his ex-lover; "Rhoda brooks", with his son. ...read more.


This shows that "Gertrude" is afraid that "Farmer Lodge" will know what she has been doing in Casterbridge. Men are very powerful they have the rights to do what they feel like and they can do anything with their wives, as they consider their wives to be part of their property. The situation is quite different in 'Old Mrs Chundle' the curate seems to be very kind and helpful in the ways of encouraging Mrs Chundle to go to church every Sunday morning, but because Mrs Chundle is Deaf she needs the Curates special help to listen in sermons, and that is when Mrs Chundle gives trouble to the new curate. Although Mrs Chundle is trying to friendly and kind to the curate, as she offers dinner for the curate and doesn't want any reward, she just causes more and more trouble or problems for the curate, but she has more wanted to go to the parish more often and wanted to see the curate every Sunday and to hear from him, but since the incident of Mrs Chundle's bad breath has stopped the curates interest in Mrs Chundle and does not want to go to her house to see her and to talk to her. "Sure enough, the next Sunday the ordeal was repeated for him. In the evening he told his trouble to the rector. ...read more.


", and she is jealous of the young wife married to her lover. "They've just been saying down in barton that your father brings his young wife home from Anglebury to-morrow" says Rhoda. "I shall want to send you for a few things to market, and you'll pretty sure to meet'em". "Farmer Lodge" seems to ignore and never wanting to speak to "Rhoda" any more when she had his child, but "farmer Lodge" didn't care about the mess he has done, his relationship has ended with "Rhoda" and he now marries "Gertrude" for his lawful wife and this shows that once women has a child, men don't find them attractive any more and abandons them, and there are very little loyalty from the man to woman. The attitude of men and women are very different from Hardy's days and the days now, I think during those 163 years, we have become fairer then ever and as time travel past, the past time of what people are like, their attitudes and their relationship between women and men will be written down in stories like history books but a lot more interesting and fun to read, the three short stories have told us what are things like in the 1820's and the life style of way men and women live their lives. There are a lot of reasons why woman are considered stupid, one of the reasons is because they were not allowed to be educated and the second reason is because they can't do fun activities like men does, etc. ...read more.

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