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"Compare William Shakespeare's Sonnet Eighteen with W.H Audens Song".

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"Compare William Shakespeare's Sonnet Eighteen with W.H Audens Song" love what is it? Is it a strong feeling between people or even a bond between close friends? Does anyone really know? There are so many form of love all of which very important whether weak or strong. Love can be expressed within family, through friendship and towards a partner. Love poem have been a round for a very long time expressing their love for others. People write love poems to show their feelings and tell them the reasons why they like them. Love poems are a way of showing someone that you care. During lessons we have looked at a range of love poems and the way that they are written. ...read more.


While "songs" purpose is for him and others to grieve for their lost and to let people know how much he meant to them. The emotions in each poem are very opposite as "sonnet eighteen" is a happy poem where someone is being complimented on being like a summer's day, as if they are perfect with no faults. But "song" is a sad poem where the listener is being told of the lost of his lover and how it has and will affect his life. The structure of "sonnet eighteen" is like other sonnets where as it has fourteen lines each having ten syllables, this allows the poem to flow during each line. "Song" consists of four verses each containing four lines. ...read more.


The movement in both poems are very important as it sets the pace giving a feeling to the listener. In "sonnet eighteen" the first twelve lines consist of three, four line sections known as a quatrain, in which alternate lines rhyme. The sonnet ends with two lines which rhyme known as a rhyming couplet. "Song" also has alternate lines that rhyme. By looking at both poems I can see similarity and difference between them. Both poems are well written and get there point across to the listener. I think they are both very good love poems but in a different way as one is about how a person that is in love with someone and the other how someone was in love and has now lost them. but they are both love poems as they both show feelings for others they care about a lot. ...read more.

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