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Comparing 3 poems in the theme of love

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Name: Amalia Rosmadi Group: 10 E2 Subject: English Comparing 3 poem in the theme of love ~ First Love ~ A Birthday ~ My Last Duchess The poem that I want to compare are 'First Love' 'A Birthday' and 'My Last Duchess'. Each poem has their own theme and meaning, but always different with each other. The entire poem that I want to compare is based on the theme of love, but different kind of love and how the poet feels about love. First things I want to discuss are the theme. The theme basically tells us what the poem is all about. In 'First Love' the theme is what the feeling when someone fall in love for the first time. ...read more.


These things make us know that there are many different feeling of love. Some people think that love is so sweet but some think love is hurt. Back to the poem, in 'First Love', the poet feels really happy and think that love is just sweet and that was the first time he's in love. The only person he can think of is she and everything feel good for him. In 'A Birthday', she feels that love is really great things happen to her. " My heart is gladder than all these because my love is come to me". Both of the poems tell us sweet things about love but not in this one, 'My Last Duchess'. The poet feels really hurt and he think the duchess have cheating on him. ...read more.


He also makes some word meaningful like ".. I gave commands, then all smiles stopped together..' That mean, the Duchess was died, all of sudden. We not sure who kill her but there are two possible explanation for this. The most likely is that he orders someone to put her to death. Robert Browning did once say, when questioned, that it might otherwise mean she was sent to convent. He also uses some past imagination like "...". In 'A Birthday', the poet uses many nature imaginations like 'bird' 'rainbow shell' 'peacock' and 'apple tree'. This poem also have some similes 'my hearts is like a singing bird' (line 1) 'my heart is like an apple tree' (line 3) ' my heart is like a rainbow shell' (line 5). The poet didn't use difficult language but all the word really makes sense. ...read more.

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