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Comparing: Chemistry with The End of Something

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Comparing: Chemistry with The End of Something Both in Chemistry and The End of Something authors explain to the readers how relationships can be essential and also how they can just break and end in an instance. Both the authors use various techniques to explain and describe these relationships using different literary techniques. At the beginning of Chemistry, Graham Swift describes a very secure relationship between: the boy, the grandfather and the mother. The boy is very comfortable with this relationship as he enjoys the company of both his mother and grandfather. Whereas at the beginning of The End of Something the relationship between The Horton Bay Mill and the community is described, the community loved the mill tremendously. ...read more.


The idea of the end of an era leading to a new one is reflected in The End of Something. The Mill has always been a major part of the community in Horton Bay and since it has started to become rundown it has fallen from the spotlight and is no longer looked upon as a landmark in the area. And just as the mill ends to start a new era, so does Marjorie. When Marjorie falls for Nick, she gets someone who has quite a dark side in that he feels he is always right and very intolerant of Marjorie. We see this relationship from start to end and the author uses the characters well to bring the relationship to life. ...read more.


I believe may him and is afraid: "I was often afraid he might hit me". This makes him more concerned and this is why he must look out for his grandfather because he is also defenceless. Just as the mother forgets her relationship between herself, the boy and grandfather, and attempts to make a new one with Ralph. In The End of Something: Marjorie moves on from her old life, to try and make it work with Nick, which also ends in upset as an original relationship cannot be replaced. In both stories the effects used to describe and explain the relationships are effective. This is because the reader feels that they are actually involved and are also being sent on the emotional ride with the characters. Which I feel is very effective. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alex Roberts 11 Bingham ...read more.

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