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Comparing Conan doyle's "The Speckled band" and the film "Let him Have it"

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´╗┐The Similarities and Differences between Crime and Mystery In this Unit of Crime and Mystery we have been reading The Speckled band by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which is mystery. We also watched the film ?Let Him Have It? a non-fictional story which was the in the category of Crime. In the Speckled Band by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle it is about a woman called Helen Stoner who is suspicious about her sister?s death she consults Sherlock and afterwards Sherlock is visited by a man called Dr. Roylott he is the father of Helen Stoner. Dr. Roylott then demands to know what Helen had said to them. Sherlock then arranges Helen somewhere else to sleep and stays in Helens bedroom without Dr. ...read more.


Derek was sentenced to death. Unlike the Speckled band this was non-fictional and in the third person. Equally they both involved a crime and consequently creating another similarity. The Main characters in each of the two stories is Sherlock Holmes a very smart and secretive and on the other hand there is Derek Bentley a young boy who is not very intelligent at all and really has nothing to hide. Christopher is quite similar to Dr. John Watson common as they both have guns and like them but on the contrary Christopher Craig is a criminal and Dr. John Watson fights crime which is quite the opposite. The author of The Speckled Band always had portrayed Sherlock as quite secretive and mysterious which makes a good character for the Mystery genre. ...read more.


The opposite of the director of Let Him have as he always wanted to be involved in films and the industry which surrounds it. I Conclude that the two genres of Crime and Mystery ultimately are like Oranges and Lemons they both have similarities and differences. Finally Crime can be laid out differently to a Mystery but despite this can be laid out quite similarly. As well as this they can be Non-Fiction and Fiction. Nevertheless Mystery is usually Fiction and is mostly Non- Fiction and the other one Fictional. Despite all this their characters and their main base of the story usually involve a good side and a bad side. It would seem that these tow genres are very similar but infact if you go look at the stories properly you can understand how they are more different then you think. ...read more.

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