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Comparing John Agard

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Nothings changed & Half caste I am going to be pointing out the content and the structure of tatamkhulu afrika Nothings Changed and John Agar's Half Caste. Both poems use different type of text and language. Both writers make you read between the lines to show how they express their feelings. I will also be identifying the purpose, poetic spelling and the image and rhythm Of the poem. Both poems deal with the same issues, which is the way of life. These poems are fantastic as you analyse them. An image is a picture that is imprinted from a book or poem. I am going to analyse the imagery that the writers show in the poem. The two writers show a great deal of imagery because it is an important element that the writer tries to show. Half caste uses an angry image towards the reader.' Explain yuself'. Just those words put an explosive image that the writer is telling an angry poem. Nothings changed use a more calm sense of imagery to explain him in a lower tone. The describes the surroundings very well and puts this image in your mind.' ...read more.


In nothings changed there is a massive use of descriptive language of anger. 'In there bones'. This is an description that one of the poets express which makes the readers fell that the persons lifestyle is a ruff and cold place and it is always like that. It also shows that they live in a town where there are racial issues where the black and the white do everything different. There are six stanzas in nothings changed and each one showing the way the people fell in descriptive terms. The writer shows this by describing the white as eating their food on ''linen'' and black people eating on a ''plastic table cloth''. This shows the significance of how important the content is and how reading between the lines can open the poems structure up. In Half-caste John agard expresses his felling in a rude manor. This is shown by the text content. John agard use's his West Indian language and applies it towards the text. He uses five stanzas in which the content is almost a reflection of Nothings changed because it talks about the same issues. ...read more.


The words are a guidance to show that it is a rich and wealthy place and it is unwelcome to the poor people. The word ''rose'' by itself it shows that the white people are living in a luxury place and the black people are having too live in poverty with cheap plastic table cloths. The poet uses formal language to represent his poem and he frequently repeats the word ''and'' many times. There is not much of a rhythm in this poem because he tries to put a serious point towards the people. John agard and Half-caste use a different appearance, they use slang to bring the poem forward. In this poem there is not an often use of words that have been spelled as they sound. He also tries to make a serious point. Both of the poems have basic similarities they firstly talk about the racist issues in both there different ways. John agard uses slang in his poem whereas Tatamkhulu Africa uses a calm type of text. I think that nothings changed has the most effective poem because it has a different story to tell and if you read between the lines the poem expands more and the issues become clear. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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