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Comparison between The Three Strangers and a Vendetta.

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GCSE English Coursework: Comparison between The Three Strangers and a Vendetta The story purpose for each writer is in my opinion totally different. Thomas Hardy has set out to make 'The Three Strangers' a story with many twists and turns keeping the reader in suspense until the very end, while Guy de Maupassant has written a story full of revenge and sorrow as well as mystery. In 'The Three Strangers' you always get the feeling that something is not quite right, mainly because of the characters' actions and reactions towards each other. For example, Shepherdess Fennel's perception of the Second Stranger automatically gives you the mindset that he has bad intentions. Hardy's mystery runs much more along the lines as to which of The Three Strangers is up to no good, and he writes it so well that even when you think you are sure who it is there is still a doubt in your mind. Guy de Maupassant's 'A Vendetta' is like 'The Three Strangers' as it is also a very mysterious story but the mysteriousness is of a totally different nature. The mystery is not who the criminal is, as we are told it is Nicolas Ravolati; the mystery is how will Mrs Saverini avenge her son's death? In this story you don't have the need to guess as you do in 'The Three Strangers'. ...read more.


The Second Stranger's appearance is more normal, but still, the fact is that two strangers have arrived in the same town which usually only gets strangers sporadically. But doubts about the Second Stranger occurred in my mind when Shepherdess Fennel didn't take to him. She did not seem to be happy about the way the stranger had responded to her and the Shepherd's kind hospitality. It is when the Third Stranger is brought into the story Hardy steps up the pace. It changes from being just mysterious to being both mysterious and exciting as you are now anxious to find the end result. Hardy makes the ending good by creating many twists and turns, such as the Third Stranger being accused wrongly. The Second Stranger (who has now turned out to be a hangman) thinks that the Third Stranger is the man who has committed a crime, but actually it is the man from the chimney corner who is the criminal. At the end of the story Hardy makes everything fit together brilliantly. He reveals the relationships between The Three Strangers and answers the many questions you may have. One of the burning questions I had was 'why did the Third Stranger tremble if he had done nothing wrong' but after I read the whole story, this question was also answered. The way Hardy finishes off the story makes you think that it could have been factual. ...read more.


'The mother had a sudden inspiration, the fierce vindictive inspiration of a savage'. This sentence shows us the sinister thoughts that enter her mind in the quest to avenge her deceased son. Another incident in the story, which shows the old woman's dark side, is when she gets the feeling of sheer excitement from her dog's savageness. It is almost as if she can taste the blood her dog is going to draw from Ravaloti to satisfy her thirst for revenge. Hardy has many characters making up his story, so rather than showing us his characters thought process, he writes about the way they communicate and interact with each other. The ending once again reiterates the pain and anguish Mrs Saverini has experienced over the death of her son. When she arrives at the house of Nicolas Ravolati she takes great pleasure in having her dog murder him, and seemingly feels no remorse whatsoever, as Maupassant writes 'The old woman returned home that evening. That night she slept soundly'. Though both of the stories are mysteries they are very different. Hardy has created a story, which sets the stage for several endings. The language he uses creates a 'whodunit' type atmosphere, as it is a story that begins at a slow pace but gradually steps up as we meet each character. 'A Vendetta' is filled with sorrow, hate, rage and finally revenge. Maupassant has created a piece of writing which leaves you uneasy and uncomfortable with the mother's state of mind. ...read more.

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