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Comparison of "Frankenstein" (Pre-1900) and "Jurassic Park" (Pro-1900)

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By Sheryar Majid 10E Comparison of "Frankenstein" (Pre-1900) and "Jurassic Park" (Pro-1900) In this essay I will aim to compare "Frankenstein" and "Jurassic Park. Frankenstein". "Frankenstein" is a pre-1900 book and "Jurassic Park" is a pro-1900 book. I have chosen these two books because they have a similar theme, which is to attempt to create life, they share many ideas which are the same and although both books are written in different centuries and time periods, both books share the same ideas, just that they are communicated differently. I will focus on each authors attempt to create life in each book. I will attempt to compare how each author's ways of doing things has changed over the times. The book Frankenstein is written by Mary Shelly, it is set in Switzerland in the late 1700s. The principal characters in the book are, Robert Walton, an explorer attempting to sail to the North Pole; Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a "monster"; Clerval, Frankenstein's friend; The Monster, Frankenstein's angry, frustrated, and lonely creation. The book was based on a nightmare, which the author had when she was 18, which she then told as a story to her friends and decided to write a story. At the time she wrote the story the knowledge of science was very low. The book Jurassic Park is written by Michael Crichton, it is set on a small island off the coast of Costa Rica in the late twentieth century. The principal characters in the book are John Hammond, a scientist who creates dinosaurs; palaeontologist Dr. Alan Grant; his partner, paleo-botanist Dr. Ellie Sattler, and the brilliant-but-cynical mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm; Hammond's two grandchildren, Tim and Alexis who are both dinosaur lovers too. ...read more.


I personally thought that Victor was a nice man at first but then later on in the book when he decides not to help his creation out; "Abhorred monster! Fiend that thou art!" you start to hate him and like his creation more, which is ironic because at first you hate his creation but then later u like it, and at first you like victor and then you hate him, which could mean that Victor is turning into his creation. Also you would expect a person like Victor who is trying to play god to have some respect for his creations like a father has for his sons, but we see him as a selfish and rude man who does not care about his creation and is like a father just abandoning his son. John Hammond on the other hand is slightly more generous to his creations and treats them with a little more respect, this is maybe because they are a much bigger asset to him then Victors creation is to him, he knows he can make money out of them, but Victor cannot. Hammond gives his creatures a home and all basic necessities, this is maybe because Hammond needs them alive more than Victor does need his creation alive and that their well being is the key to his success. We see Hammond as a manipulative person, he uses other people's money to fulfil his every ambition, he does not do much himself to help his plans but instead relies heavily on every one else to do what he says. Because of this we see him as a selfish and rude man, who wants everything for nothing. ...read more.


In Frankenstein there are many deaths too until the final confrontation, but these deaths are al the same, except one which is the death of Justine Moritz. This death is different because she gets hanged for a murder which she did not commit, and which Victor's creation committed. This fires up a lot of tension, and show that the creation is a evil person and also creates a bigger gap between Victor and his creation. We now see the monster as an evil man, but later on when we hear from him, we see that he is not actually what we think of him, he is quite the opposite, we hear that he thinks he is a clever man and is not accepted in society which is an effective method of making us feel sorry for him. In the end we can see that the book is not climaxed like in Jurassic park with the build of scenes of violence and destruction but with the points of view of both men and finally a confrontation. Either way in both books the climax is not what is ideal. It is a lesson that both writers are trying to convey, it is a message that playing god will eventually lead to deaths, and overall destruction. I n the end both characters in each book are as we can see victims of their own ideas, creations. They both fail because they act selfishly and do not listen to the advice of others. Both men assume the place of god, not just in the act of "playing god" but in the way they view their control their creatures as if they possessed God's powers. They lack God's love; neither Frankenstein, nor Hammond proves capable of loving and respecting his "offspring." English/Literature GCSE Course Wider Reading Unit Comparison of "Frankenstein" (Pre-1900) and "Jurassic Park" (Pro-1900) Page 2 By Sheryar Majid ...read more.

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