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Comparisonof poems.

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Comparison of poems. In this introduction I am intending to compare and contrast two poems. The poems I am contrasting are called 'London' and 'Composed Upon Westminster'. These two poems are written in the 19th century. The writers had the same ideas about the two poems. The poems are both about London. The writers both give a different view of London. The London poem is written by William Blake in 1757-1827. The Westminster poem written by William Wordsworth in 1770 - 1850 Blake's representation of London is bleak. The title London is short and gets straight to the point. The first verse is a description of the city, streets, rivers and the people in the city. The first line creates a feeling like London is being owned. It is described like hell. The quote is "I wonder thro each chattered streets, near were the chartered Thames does flow. Blake has a sinister view of London. He describes it like a prison. ...read more.


'Chimney sweepers cry'. The second meaning is that the city is black because it is sinful. When he talks about thus is he suggests the country is built on war. The forth is about the future. He is suggesting that the future will be damned. The quote is 'how the youthful harlots curse'. He is saying she is only young. A teenager. He also says 'blasts the new born infants tear' this means that the baby is crying because it knows the future will be corrupt for him. The imagery Blake produces is very grim. He is suggesting that London is doomed. This poem is describing London like hell. The rhyming scheme for this poem is a,b,a,b,a,b. this is called alternative rhyming couplets. This poem is a view of a corrupted city. The poem is set in an urban London. It uses7-8 syllables per line. The structure for this poem is simple and direct just like the description of the city. ...read more.


The whole poem is described like a person. The structure of the poem is an actare and a sestet. The difference between Blake's London and Wordsworth's London is that Blake describes his London as hell. He says it is corrupted. This London is reality compared to Wordsworth poem which is like heaven. Wordsworth is in a dream. He is describing London as romantic. The similarities both of these poems are that Blake says marks of weakness marks of woe. Wordsworth says mighty heart. Blake says blackening church, hapless soldier, palace walls. Wordsworth says ships, towers, domes, theatres, temples. Blake says chimney sweepers and blackening church. Wordsworth says smokeless air. Blake says chartered Thames does flow and Wordsworth says the river glideth at his own sweet will. Blake says midnight streets and Wordsworth says valleys rocks or hills. Blake says midnight and Wordsworth says bright and glittery. He also says morning. Blake says cry in every man and Wordsworth says calm so deep. The poem that gives me a better description of London is Blake's point of view. He has a simple structure and his description is very descriptive. Mohammed Gangat ...read more.

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