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Conflict - personal short story

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Conflict Rachel stood in front of the mirror and stared hard at the reflection looking back at her. She was a sensible girl, with dark hair to her shoulders and deep brown eyes. Just last week, she'd celebrated her eighteenth birthday - three days after finishing her A-levels. In a few months she was meant to be off to university - to Oxford! It'd be impossible for her to go now. Why did she have to do it? Why had this happened to her? She looked down at her stomach. She was pregnant. What a mess! The sound of laughter rose from downstairs. Her parents were down there, with her older sister, her sister's husband and her little sister Jordan-Louise. She remembered what it was like when Jordan was born. It hadn't been expected. She'd gone out shopping with Melissa, and come back to find Grandpa waiting to take them to the hospital to see their new little sister. ...read more.


She took a deep breath, and ran downstairs. She stood outside the living room door for a minute, wondering what she could say. She could hear them talking inside. Her Mum and Dad. They were talking about her. They were almost boasting about her going off to university, knowing very well that Melissa had chosen not to go but to stay with Andrew instead - a decision her parents had loathed. ". . . and of course when Rachel goes off to Oxford, we'll be going up to visit her quite often. That'll be different, won't it? And we're going to have lots of fun with Rachel, aren't we Jordan sweetie?" Rachel groaned. Her Mum was going on again. She'd never been to university, neither had any of her family and she was so excited that her daughter was going to one of the top universities in the country - she was acting almost as if she was going herself! ...read more.


"Jordan go to your room," her mother said bluntly staring at Rachel. "Why Mummy? I want to play with the baby. When will it be here? Is it coming tonight?" "Jordan do as your Mother says." "Oh Daddy." "Now Jordan!" Jordan stomped out of the room and up the stairs. Rachel looked at her parents and thought of Jordan upstairs. She was being told off for something that wasn't her fault. All she wanted to do was find out about this new little baby, even though it would be at least six months before it was born - and she didn't even know that yet. "I think we should be going now too," said Melissa, making indications to Andrew that they should go. Her parents just nodded their heads, not looking up. As she went out of the door, Melissa gave Rachel a hug, and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry Rach, it'll be alright. Keep your head and I'll speak to you tomorrow." With that Melissa and Andrew went home, leaving Rachel to face her parents. ...read more.

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