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Consider How Each Advertisement Seeks to Capture and Hold the Reader(TM)s Attention and How Persuasive they are. Which do you Think is the Most Successful and Why?

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Consider How Each Advertisement Seeks to Capture and Hold the Reader's Attention and How Persuasive they are. Which do you Think is the Most Successful and Why? The Friends of the Earth 'The Big Heat' leaflet grabs the reader's attention first with the bright orange colours and the black silhouette. The picture is very powerful with the lightening and ferocious features. The silhouette picture on the front cover is of an oilrig; the lightening is striking near the rig suggesting the oilrig is the cause of the lightning. The red and orangey colours fit with the image of lightning to symbolise anger and present an apocalyptic atmosphere. The image on the back of the leaflet fits together with the front even though they are not that same image. Friends of the Earth have taken the same apocalyptic colours but portrayed them in an inviting as a sunset; they are almost suggesting that this is what it could be, instead of the image on the front, if the reader helps them. The general idea of the leaflet is to look like a movie advertisement. They have the large title: 'The Big Heat' which is in a font making it look more like a movie title. ...read more.


'We've pushed through 8 Acts of Parliament' this makes them sound more reputable showing that they have been able to achieve things. They then tell us what our money will be used for, which makes the reader more sure about donating money because they can feel it will actually go towards something. They also persuade the reader to join by suggesting the reader will be part of a community: '150,000 people like you' and most people want to feel they belong to something. War on Want is the other charity leaflet we examined; their focus is worldwide poverty. The cover of the war on want leaflet is mostly taken up by a powerful image. The use of the old woman working makes the reader feel sorry and sympathy for her, in our society a woman who appears to be so elderly would not be doing manual labour. All around her is barren land, the reader can tell she is digging to try and grow crops but it doesn't look like it's possible for anything to grow in such harsh conditions. Putting the image in black and white puts emphasis on the bleakness of where she is and everything around her. ...read more.


They say they are 'fighting for Justice, fairness and giving a poor woman a real chance in life.' The use of the word, 'Justice' is persuasive because it is powerful and suggests that it is the right thing to do. They finish by talking about what you will gain from donating; so the reader do get something personally from donating and aren't just giving your money away. Both charity leaflets use many of the same ideas of persuasion for example: they both say their charities are unique and are emotive, making the reader feel sorry for the people they help. I think that the Friends of the Earth 'The Big Heat' leaflet does this better though. I think this because their way of getting the readers attention was more catching, they were able to make the reader initially interested, and then make their cause sound more thrilling and exciting. When I opened the leaflet they then gave you more information and facts which I think was better because it meant you actually had more a basis to go on when deciding; they taught the reader facts about the state our world is really in. Next they talked about how what they are doing can be achieved exactly which gives you more confidence because it means the can see a plan they have. ...read more.

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