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Craig's Story

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Lee Simcox 23/09/2007 Craig's Story[LJS1] As the heavy metal door slowly creaked open, a tall skinny figure emerged from the darkness of the night into the light of the hostel. The man was rather tall, and his hair long and messy. Big brown eyes, a long nose along with a long face. His skin was pale white, and there was a lot of black stubble around his mouth and chin. The man was wearing a dark green T-shirt, which was tattered and ancient. He was also wearing dark green combat trousers, but no shoes. Why was he here? Actually, his story is simpler than you may think... Three and a half years ago, Craig was happy, cheerful and content. His parents - Stan and Mel - could only have one child, and that was Craig. Therefore, Craig's parents decided to spoil him. They would purchase almost anything he wanted, but Craig, being quite modest, did not take advantage of this. At mealtimes he would receive generous helpings of a healthy balance diet and his parents usually very kind and caring towards him. Craig enjoyed school. ...read more.


He had �4.00. Craig looked back up and became aware that nobody was around. No one. Strange, as just ten seconds ago there was plenty of activity. The silence was unearthly. Suddenly the wind grew stronger, blowing a limb of the tree standing behind him against his shoulder. Craig gasped whilst he jumped to his feet in shock. He looked behind but no one was there. The Union Jack fluttered in its place on the town hall situated in front of Craig. Then Craig noticed something in the corner of his eye which caught his interest: a falcon, soaring high above the ground in the distance. It was while Craig was distracted by this bird of prey when it happened; a black car pulled up silently on the road, unnoticed by Craig. A man left the car, wearing a black jumper and black trousers, clutching at a brown sack. The man crept up behind Craig and immersed him into the darkness of the massive, bulky sack. Immediately the man threw him into the back of the car. There was another man in the car - the driver; unknown to Craig, of course. ...read more.


Of course, the money Craig received quickly declined as he would spend it on food whenever possible. However, Craig still conserved the �4.00 that he had originally when he was kidnapped. It was deep into December now, and Craig was getting concerned about what to do over the winter. He wanted a place to stay overnight so he could tidy himself up and try to find a proper job. Then Craig's luck increased; he noticed a poster pinned to an information board about a hostel. But it was a day's walk away, located in Clapham, in the south of London. Craig had not got a moment to spare, and he began his trek through the crowded streets of London. The clouds above him were black, and full of water. So much water that they could not contain it, releasing huge drops of rain. The rain continued, and it was night time now. Craig turned a corner, after asking what seemed like thousands of people for directions, and miraculously, there it was... the light through the windows dazzling Craig as he stepped forwards and slowly opened the heavy metal door... [LJS1] The story was written for part of an English GCSE course. [LJS2]This part was changed due to a fluctuation in the storyline. [LJS3]This section was added due to a fluctuation in the storyline. ...read more.

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