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Creative Writing Coursework : My worst Experience

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Creative Writing Coursework : My worst Experience It shot through my body like lightning, accompanied by a cringing crack and a piercingly loud scream. I didn't feel myself scream, but I felt my leg twist, bend and break like a plastic pole. Three clean breaks, a fracture and a leg the size of an elephant's is what I got for my holidays that year and you can bet your bottom dollar that I wouldn't be doing it again. Let me explain. I was with my friends, it was the start of the summer holidays and we were looking for something to do. Indeed, for the next six weeks each day would have started with us looking for something to do, only after that day I wasn't going to be too active for the remainder of the holidays. We had narrowed it down to two suggestions-either going to see a film or going to the woods. As it was a nice day and there was nothing on at the cinema that we hadn't viewed at least twice, we decided on the woods. ...read more.


We lined them up and they must have stretched over at least ten metres. So, first to attempt the jump, was myself. As always. I started the long run up, built up lots of speed and flew off the jump and through the air, clearing the logs with ease and I started to get an adrenaline rush, as it must have been the best jump I have ever tried. It was one of those feelings you get when I left the ground and my instincts told me that it was a great jump, I knew straight away. So I started to get above myself and tried a fancy flick here and there the next time, getting more and more extravagant, until I went for a trick that I doubt I could even do now. A no-hands back flip, still trying to clear the masses of logs beneath me. I went for an extra-long run up and started pedalling like I was possessed; I was really travelling along. ...read more.


They didn't want me to get infected with dirt and end up with gangrene and neither did I. I passed out a few times because of the pain, but I'm not sure how many. It was like my leg was on fire and remained that way for the rest of the day. Trying to sleep was a nightmare in itself as the pain was still there, constantly pumping and throbbing. Whenever I did fall asleep, I kept re-enacting the scene again, in first and third person. It was horrible, as I knew that it would be committed to memory and if I close my eyes now and concentrate, I can recall everything exactly as it happened. It is like a movie, with you being the director. I can slow it down, freeze the frame and rewind the tape but no matter what I do, it still brings back memories of the pain and sheer agony that I was in. I hope I never experience such an event again, and hope that you never have to. Neil Christie 10N English Mr. Tobias ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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