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Creative Writing Coursework : The Game

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Creative Writing Coursework : The Game She had long blonde hair; rectangular, sophisticated, black framed glasses that obstruct her beautiful, bright blue eyes, clear as crystal. Jane was wearing a long, tan coloured coat, with woolly, fibrous and white material covering the edges of the coat. Her tightly fitting trousers compliment her pristine white shirt. The briefcase being held in her left hand had the combination '1375' her character's birthday, 1-3-75. The objective of this particular game was to protect the briefcase, before it got to the main office where it would then be beyond her finite control. There was only one other person on this single, lonesome platform. Jane thinks he was around forty; he was dressed as what people from this time would call a 'tramp'. Was that Ben or was he just another character? Maybe he would turn up later? Suddenly, unexpectedly a freight train sounded its foghorn and drew nearer and nearer to the station at an incredible speed. Reverberating and rumbling through the station, what was this? The train had people clinging on to the roof for their lives! This was either a major glitch in the program or its just the boss having his fun as usual, he had a weird sense of humour. A few minutes later Jane hears a crackling noise coming from small, circular grids in the station's old, mucky roof. "The nine-twenty train from Penzance to New London will be arriving at platform 2 in fifteen minutes, it was running two minutes early, thank you." ...read more.


They had acquired knowledge about the briefcase and wanted to see for themselves what the talk was all about, if the briefcase and its contents had any value. Jane and Ben found that they were each tied separately to a wooden bench. "What is the combination of this lock? I am only asking, as I do not want to damage the contents of the briefcase by hastily breaking into it. Now tell me the combination!" Exclaimed the leader. "I will never tell you that!" Yelled Jane, Ben was terrified as he would have told them the combination, but didn't know it and the character wouldn't have said anything so neither could Ben. "In that case I will have to leave you down here, in this awful cellar to rot and die, I can still get into this case without your help, it will just take a little longer, that's all!" Chuckled the leader as he and his gang left the cellar to discover their presumed riches. Ben tried to let out a little yelp to get them to stop, but the game prevented him, it was useless! The cellar was dark, dingy and had a terrible stench to it, it was worse than most citizens of the world for the past, at least, three centuries could have imagined possible. They were always used to a clean sterilized atmosphere. The poverty that Jane grew up in was never on the news. ...read more.


A few days later the terrorists were about to leave the country then they were planning to go to Mars for a while. As they were about to do so a gang of about 30 armed police were racing towards them, most of the terrorists stop what they were doing and give up, but a few along with the leader make a break for it. The police chef had anticipated this and had therefore placed snipers along the station roof. He ordered them to fire. Every last packet of photons hit its target and brought them tumbling to the ground. At last the terrorists were brought to justice, but what of Jane and Ben? They were presumed dead and when that part of the building was rebuilt their bodies were sealed forever in the room in which they had spent their last few minutes as themselves. In that year Jane and Ben's parents formed a committee constantly opposing the games and there safety but as things were in this world this minority had little effect on the people that make the final decisions. As the years pass Jane and Ben were constantly living out her creation over and over again nothing ever changes. This brings a whole new perspective to the word repetitive. They were living the rest of their life doing nothing but that. Their fate may have been easier if it was a game they had to master from scratch, but because Jane had created it she knew everything about it! Nothing was new, ever! Their fate, stuck in this loop forever! Graham Russell Page 1 of 7 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Charlotte Bronte section.

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