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Creative writing - Down below.

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Creative Writing Coursework Down Below... "Becky, do you want to go with me to the school dance?" asked Tom. "I sure would Tom...I don't want go with anyone else." Tom and Becky were the best couple at Manning High School. Many people said they were meant for each other and they would have a future together. That same day Tom had given her a beautiful necklace with a pendant, as a gift. The night of the dance, everyone was filled with laughter as they were enjoying themselves. Towards the end of the dance, Tom and Becky went for a walk around the school they had first met in. This would also be the last time they both would walk as a couple as they were leaving for college. They decided to stroll to the basement of the school, although it was more of Tom's idea. They went down and they held each other and had a slow dance as the music from the sports hall was still loud enough to hear. Becky said, "It's rather nice to dance with you alone". The basement was chilly. But strangely Tom was getting a bit sweaty and overwrought. ...read more.


Stephanie wanted to go back as she was too terrified to stay any longer. She shouted, "You guys, I'm coming back. This is too scary!" "Stephanie the dare was five minutes and you've only been there for three minutes." Eric replied with a giggle but he seemed to be the only one laughing. Stephanie kept walking on the old wooden boards which made creaking noises as she stepped on them. Her hands felt wet on the torch because she was sweating profusely with fear. Stephanie treaded on something and she screeched. She then pointed the torch to see what it was. She found a necklace with a beautiful pendant and she held on to it as she walked back to the window. After she completed her dare of five minutes in the school basement, she climbed out of the window with signs of relief and happiness. "Look guys, I found a necklace in the basement. Ryan can you put the necklace on for me?" Little did Stephanie know that that was Becky's necklace. No one else had realised either. Four months went by. It was the night of the dance. ...read more.


There was no reply so he kept wandering around the basement. Out of a corner Kelly came out. Eric looked surprised, "Kelly you scared me...Come on let's go up. We were looking for you, something bad has happened". Kelly replied coldly, "No I won't!" She then took a wooden plank from the floor and started hitting Eric aiming for his head. Eric tried to protect himself as he tried to fight her off. He found a steel rod which was sharp at one end and with all the might he had left he stabbed Kelly right through the stomach killing her instantly. He took a few panting breaths, tripped and fell down hitting his head and slowly bled to death. Stephanie heard some noises and screams down below and called 999. She did not dare to venture down herself. After the police had arrived, there was a long wait and ordeal. Stephanie heard about the horrifying deaths of Kelly and Eric. She then realised that her instincts were right about Becky. So Stephanie asked the officer, "Do you know about someone called Tom Richards?" the police officer replied, "As a matter of fact I do, he committed suicide about ten years ago." From this day on Becky the ghost of Manning High School still lurks the school basement in search for a body so she can kill Tom... ...read more.

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