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DAY NINETY FOUR HY AM I STILL ALIVE? Why are they still alive? How are we still alive?" "You survived Conner, you survived everything. Now after taking a second look at our past notes I need to ask you the same thing I've asked you everyday." His response would take more thought today. Conner had endured so much over the past one hundred days. He leaned back in his chair, wearing the same hoodie he wore everyday when talking to Mr. Greer. A design of the head of a demon reside on it, next to the letters North High School, and on the back, "Seniors 2009." He played with the strings coming from the hood of his sweater, and refrained from looking at his counselor as much as possible. He only looked at him when they weren't talking, in awkward silences much like now. Mr. Greer leaned forward in his chair for the umpteenth time. Conner made a mental note of this. He immediately recognized the jacket, the adjusting of the glasses, his counselor's deep sigh before speaking, "Are-?" The counselor stopped as he saw Conner's face light up, "It's happening again, just like every Tuesday." ...read more.


Greer it's not like last time! I don't even know what's happening today, only up until when I leave-." Mr. Greer set his pager down. This had been the first time he had threatened Conner with calling security. Of course, this was only the second time Conner had begun the day with such behavior. He looked out the window, and saw the dead trees, and saw the same place where he had fallen twenty one days earlier, "I - it's just, I bet you remember what happened right before the day before they closed the school, how I acted. But I doubt this is like that. I mean, I learned I could dream about anything, but my last was just way too crazy to be real, otherwise everything I dreamed would - well you know." The adult was taking notes faster than Conner had seen him ever before. As he paused and saw Mr. Greer was still writing, he noticed something for the first time, "You're left handed." The pencil stopped and Mr. Greer looked up, "You never noticed?" "No, I guess I never dreamt about it either." ...read more.


Conner-" The 17 year old turned to his counselor and sighed, "Yeah?" "-Are you suicidal at all?" This time Mr. Greer had a strange intensity in his voice, as if he was expecting a different response today. Conner pulled his backpack up on his shoulder and took a last look at the chairs he had spent an hour in each day for ninety four of them. His mouth opened, "I-." And at that moment he woke up. DAY ONE HE ROOM WAS BLISTERING HOT. This wasn't normal, as his mother had usually turned on the swamp cooler long before anyone would wake. Conner slowly moved to his alarm clock to turn it off, but then noticed that the swamp cooler was on. Then what the hell was making him so hot? As he sat on the edge of his bed, Conner remembered the dream, and to his surprise many of the details of it. He had remembered the hoodie, and recognized it hanging over the railing of his headboard. But, what had been the journal he was showing that man in the other chair? Who was that man in the chair? What were they talking about? ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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