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Dear Stella

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Gifford Arms Crythin Gifford Dear Stella, I hope this letter finds you well. I am sorry about leaving so abruptly, but I was called away on urgent work. I have been sent to Crythin Gifford by Mr. Bentley to attend the funeral of Mrs. Alice Drablow, I also need to sort though all of her legal documents. Mrs. Drablow lived in a strange little house called Eel Marsh House. To get out to the house you must cross the Nine Lives Causeway, it is only accessible during low tide, otherwise it is covered by water, and impassable. The house is very strange, all on it's own on a small island separated from the rest of the main land. At first I thought it to be quite beautiful but it has a scary if not dark side to it. ...read more.


The names on the gravestones were all undecipherable because they were covered with various fungi's. While looking around the graveyard I saw the mysterious Woman in Black, a cold feeling came over me like nothing I had ever felt before, but before I could approach her she ducked away under a headstone and disappeared. I don't think you should worry about me I'm fine and I'm not worried about her. She was probably a figment of my imagination; the marsh mist was quite dense. After that went in to the house and I started work opening all the windows, to get some light. I searched thought the rooms to see what was in side the house. It has an old musty smell, all the furniture is old, and made of strong wood. It was about four, so I decided I would walk back to Crythin Gifford, Keckwick wouldn't be back until five and the exercise would be good for me. ...read more.


When I got back I was very worried and I was shaking. I sat down in one of the old musty chairs and had a drink, I must have fallen asleep because when I awoke someone was knocking on the door, when I opened it I saw Keckwick and the pony and trap. They were normal, still alive; it must have been my imagination about him drowning. He apologized for not coming to pick me up but he was unable to because of the sea mist, I was unlucky. I hope that everything in London is fine. There is no need for you to come down to Crythin Gifford, because I should be returning soon, I will go back to Eel Marsh House today and stay for a couple of days to finish all the work and send anything important back to Mr. Bentley. Hope to see you very soon. Yours Lovingly, Arthur ...read more.

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